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World of Tanks song... and other things

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SoulCry #1 Posted 27 July 2013 - 10:42 AM

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I came here to sing a song
of everything that this game has it wrong
it choose the treacherous dark path
put upon itself every gamer's wrath
the power, the money, the greed
only the more hate will breed
it grows until it'll burst
by every gamer it'll be cursed
and then it will fade into treachery
and became long forgotten memory...
As you probably noticed, this thread has a whole different meaning. It could be another bitching post but than again, it's supported by facts that have happened to me and 28 other players I have been in contact past several months.
I'm talking about tin foil theory, of course and you probably know it yourself to be true but thanks to WG moderation team every post is deleted and "sanctioned". If it's not true, then why do you delete it?! Leave it to be the posts of crazy men that would soon be forgotten!
The facts, that I have been working based on so called wot mechanics, different mods and influence of premium account on mm. So lets start:
1. Game mechanics . everything I have ever gathered about this "thing" is that is only the fancy name for rigging the batle outcomes! I perfected it so much that I know wheter I'm going to lose or not just after 3 shells fired! It's uncunny how precise this thing is! Every time you have 0% critical with your 120mm gun, or you bounce on french tanks flat out, you miss something you can't miss, you have blank shell, you are spotted behind the freaking mountain even though you know there is no one there, your 6th sence doesn't work, you can't see target 50m in front of you even though it's shooting you, your gun makes 100dmg less than the average with every shot and so on...
You see the pattern?! Every time this starts to happen to you, game has "decided" it's yout time to lose or in some cases it needs to keep you in balance! Wonder why global WR for Lorraine 40t is ~47%?!It's made to be that way... I once cought a win streak and got to 51% WR with it, suddenly I got a massive defeat streak that lasted for days! Went back to original 46% I got before... Only with prem account and gold ammo was I able to get it back to 50%... See the connection?
I used to send tickets asking how is it possible for thing mentioned above to happen and the onaly thing I have ever got back is a link to rather confusing game mechanics! It's like that terms and agreement that no one ever reads...
In this game, these mechanics are used to explain that in the end it is possible to bounce or make 0% critical dmg on 15mm of armor under 90degrees with your 120mm shell, or that it is possbile to have your HE arty shell go through french tank without a single scratch on it (entry point is visible).
It also "explains" that every player has 40-60% WR no matter how good/bad player he was. It's the perfect way of not letting bad player quit playing this game (because they are basicaly meat for meat grinder) and making it pay for premium thus increasing his chance to be on the par with good players. On the other side it doesn't allow good player to be too good, if you know what I mean.
All this I said could be a biggest load of crap that anyone has ever written but then that means that this game has the shittiest game mechanics that have ever been implemented!!
2. All of you are probably using some kind of mods' I'm using the one that gives me numbered reload times and it's good... Some use XVM which is highly questionably lately and does go on the line of wot doing something with it (probably trying to hide effects of rigged games). When it first came to exist, XVM was unmistakeble. Even now, you can see all mighty power of MM, putting you in a team where your T10s have ~500eff and enemy's have ~1600eff... and they not even trying to hide it...
BUT, the thing that pissed me of the most is existing of warpack modpack
This thing isn't a mod, it is a full blooded cheating tool! I post it only because the one reason - if the game that takes our money can cheat us, why could't we?!Pay attention to this part, it will be deleted faster that it was posted and I will probably get a ban for posting it...
I remember when the mods first came to exist, I momentaly knew they can be used to cheat and was pointing it out to WG but the only thing I have ever received back was "mods are not cheats and we encourage community to make them" Why do you then delete every post that makes refference to warpack and ban everyone who talks about it?!
This could be solved very easy, install punkbuster on server and stop all and every mod!! We all know you wont do that becasue you'd be stopping your own cheating mods (like todays xvm).
3. Premium account - this is done very smoothly. You don't even notice it while you are using it, but the very moment you stop using premium, your WR drops momentary. I was using prem account for 3 months now just to check it out and the result was this. Before premium account, my WR was ~53% (for 2 years), with premium it went up to ~55% (in 3 months) and just in couple of days I'm not using the premium, it went down to ~54%! With premium I have never had more than 3defeats in a row, but without it, my record is 27!!! This has happened to all 28 players I have been in contact with! So, gamer brothers, premium aaccount doesn't just give you 50% more exp and credits...
There are so many other thing but it would take me a lot of time and yours but I'm sure you already know of it... In the end I'll just mention constant overnight nerfing of premium tanks...
So, this is it, feel free to comment while it lasts because I really doubt it will last long and I'll probably end up with forum ban but I simply had to say this becasue I HATEWHEN SOMEONE IS LYING INTO MY FACE!!

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Shegzor #2 Posted 27 July 2013 - 11:00 AM

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OP, eat a snickers.

andris089 #3 Posted 26 August 2013 - 11:20 PM


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