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computer problems

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Justin666 #1 Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:45 PM

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amd 6 core phemon II
8gb drr3
600gb raptor
2tb second HDD
win 7 64 bit
850w corsair psu single 12v rail
my computer does these freezes every now and then and when it happens there is alot of disk activity but this only lasts for 3-5 seconds a time 3-10 times a day and then it returns to normal as if nothing ever happened can someone help or explain to me what is going on when this happens and if its a hardware fault? because this has happened for a while now ever since i done a reinstall of windows

i have done a virus scan and nothing comes up.. all the temps are well well below the limit the gpu never goes above 50 c and all the drivers have been updated

also i like to state i do not plan on doing a reinstall of windows since this has been going on ever since i redone it a month or so go and both HDDs are no were near full yet not even half.. so i know its not a problem for them to find somewere to write and yes they have been defragged im asking here because i want to know what else you lot could think it is because im running out of ideas so please make sure you read all of above before coming up with a idea : )

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