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Trying to produce more WoT content

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Bantleship #1 Posted 07 August 2013 - 07:43 PM


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Hi all,
First of all I did read the forum rules and as far as I can make out the no advertising applies to non-WoT related stuff, so I should be good. If not then sorry everyone and mods can just lock this. :)
Now, I have a very small (34 subs) Youtube channel which I want to start producing more WoT content for.
However most of my viewers currently are from the KSP and ARMA communities.
So, internet people of the WoT EU forums, if you want to see WoT content such as reviews of tanks and good games I have then please wander over to my channel http://www.youtube.c...hedaemonicgamer
I currently upload Fallout 3 videos and ARMA 2 MilSim videos using realism mods and stuff, so if you're also interested in tactical infantry and helicopter combat you should have a good time. :)
I would like to know what sort of content to produce, such as specific tanks. (Also I would like to point out I've only played 1500 or so games, not a complete noob but not a pro either).
I'll try not to bump this every hour, and once again sorry mods if this isn't allowed.
Jake. (AKA TheDaemonicGamer).

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