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Another WoT tip: Don't buy camouflage for gold.

Camo Camouflage Gold Nerfed

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HatlessMuffin #1 Posted 09 August 2013 - 11:06 AM


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So, as the title says, this is just a tip, an advice from me.
I have decided not to buy any more camouflages for gold and here are the reasons which you may also find reasonable.

1.   You never know if you won't get bored of the camouflage schemes that you have once chosen.
If you buy "paintjob" for your tanks for gold you might be sorry when:
+   WG introduces new camouflage schemes that might suit your taste better
+   WG changes lighting in some maps and the camouflage you have bought suddenly looks crappy
+   You simply start to like one camouflage scheme better than your current one

2.   Mostly, camouflage isn't needed for too long period of time.
+   Tanks that you just grind to get to the next one can be painted for a week or a month, because you will sell them anyway after the grind is complete
+   Tanks that are "keepers" but you use them only occasionally because you have other 25 tanks in your garage. Like, for example, I got an invite to participate in a tournament. I chose the tank for that event, painedt it for 7 days, and after the tournament was over, I left it to rust in my garage again. A good tank but used rarely. There is no need for permanent camouflage.

3.   And this is actually the main reason...
Almost no tank lasts. Sooner or later Nerf Hammer will strike.
In short: I had several tanks that I thought will be "keepers 4 life", I painted them "4 life" (in all 3 color schemes and for gold, because "Hey, I am going to play this tank every now and then forever"), they got nerfed, I don't play them anymore. Basically there was no need to buy permanent camouflage.

+   VK 2801. One of my first tech-tree-end tanks. Fast, fat, maxed out. Crew with 3,X skills. Then I discovered herp-derp-HEAT. Not that I was driving it all the time (because it almost always ended up with negative credit income) but once in a while I loved to spam some HEAT is backs of high tier tanks. To make it complete scout/troll I painted it. For gold, all three schemes. Then they nerfed its speed, weight, armor etc. Few patches later, its gun. Since HEAT nerf I haven't even touched it. But I can't sell it either, too good memories.
I won't get my gold back.
+   Gw Panther. I don't participate in TC too often. But when I did, 90% of the time I was in my GwP. Besides, I loved to drive it in randoms as well. I loved it so much more than, for example Gw Typ E.  In TCs everything matters so I painted it. Of course, all three schemes, all for gold. WG nerfed it. Since nerf I have used it maybe 5 times. Since it is now a tier VII (and also nerfed), it has no use in TCs as well. That's it, it is dead for me. Haven't sold yet. I won't get my gold back.
+   VK 3601. My absolute favorite tank of all time. More than 1200 battles in it. 4,8 skills. Piles of medals. Of course - painted. All three schemes, for gold. But now: "VK 36.01 H will be rebalanced and reclassified as a heavy tank" (form 8.8 sneak peek). It is one of few pearls in German tech tree and in this case rebalanced=nerfed (I am sure, because if it wasn't OP, than at least a very well performing tank). Once again I feel screwed by WG. And my "keeper 4 life" appears to be a keeper until 8.8. I could have bought temporary camouflages if had knew.

I am not going to whine about how every good thing in German tech tree gets nerfed because we all have heard about it and know it. I will get over it once again as I've done it every time (at least I will have a decent crew for E-100 line).
What I am going to do is I will give you all an advice: think twice before buying camouflage for gold. Is there really a need for permanent "paintjob"? The only thing you really gain from buying camouflage for gold is that you don't have to re-buy it every once in a while. You buy it and you forget about it. Of course, those who have plenty of gold, you do whatever you want to do with it, it's your money. But for those who really pay for gold (don't earn it from tournaments or CWs): THINK TWICE. Once the Nerf Hammer strikes, you will be sorry you thought that it will last forever.

So once again, I won't  be buying camouflages for gold anymore. I have spent enough gold for painting tanks that I thought I will play forever but which got nerfed and after all became just another temporary "fun tank" that, if I had knew, would have been painted for silver.

Have a nice day and please don't hate for spamming HEATs with VK 2801.

F_5Brock #2 Posted 09 August 2013 - 11:20 AM


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i always buy 7 day camo, if I dont like it i can change it and it doesnt cost millions.

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