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Should'nt we at least be polite to each other

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Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty #1 Posted 09 August 2013 - 03:39 PM

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Hi All

Yes I know this is the internet and we do and say almost anything we want and we can be fairly confident about getting away with it or getting a slap on the wrist at most but my point is this:

1.  I have been involved or have followed quite a few different post/threads about all sorts of different aspects of the game but the same tone or aggresive behaviour normally becomes apparent at some point in the thread.

2. Every discussion is almost all ways very subjective and a matter of opinion, whether its a tank, a gun, win rates etc etc, so why can't we all just reconise that we all are intitled to our opinions and no matter how ill informed or badly we/they have played these discussions are all a matter of opinion.   They are all so influenced by a players skill, his tank, his equipment set up, perks, whether he has gold ammo or not, which map he/she was on and a whole host of other factors etc etc, that it all boils down to a set of opinions, your and his.

3.  Following on from reconising the two above points, then you just have to stick to being polite and think well he's wrong, if they ignore all the opinions you have laid out for him (with attached pictures, charts etc lol) and he still thinks he's right, just drop it and keep it all friendly.  I would just like us to keep it professional and polite.

We can give, take or ignore advice/help but we can do it in a civilised manner, can't we?

I am sure there's been this sort of post before but hey, its the end of the week, I am looking forward to a weekend on WoT and reading and getting involved with some intresting topics on here and I would like to do it with out watching some poor soul being pulled to peices over someone elses or their opinion, no matter how misguided.

Go on be the better person and move on, post your advice/help, if they don't listen, you have done your best and have a clear conscious.

Anyway good luck out there on the fields of battle and I'll see you there (once I get away from work lol)



TriggTrick #2 Posted 09 August 2013 - 04:01 PM


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Good afternoon PaganWarrior,

in relation to the forum you are more than right. The problem with this is, that people dont think something through before they post it on the forum they dont even proofread their posts.

Besides that I can understand when people are flaming ingame. It is just a way of releasing some pressure and others should be self confident enough to stand above it.

I wish you good luck on the battlefield


Kibakip #3 Posted 11 August 2013 - 11:33 AM


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No f#$% you.

No but seriously some people express their opinions in a more 'extreme way'.
And as long as people have different opinions there will be 'unpolite' people.

MalteMullvad #4 Posted 11 August 2013 - 04:33 PM


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Why cant people just behave as people in common do in real life,if i walk up to a person in say something very bad like **** *** *******.
For shure i will be beaten in some way.
That wont happend ingame,so this shitty attitude some ppl have will never go away.
Best thing is just to ignore it.
My 10 cents

basin79 #5 Posted 11 August 2013 - 04:46 PM


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It's too easy to insult a faceless fellow gamer. The thing is as long as it's not something ridiculous it's alright. Just like working on a building site. Don't take it to heart.

Pinkiie_Pie #6 Posted 11 August 2013 - 10:06 PM


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There is no fun if you are polite. I prefer drama & chaos .

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