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Aufklärungspanther...good or awful?

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Tazilon #21 Posted 19 August 2013 - 12:52 AM


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View Postsawthumbz, on 18 August 2013 - 05:54 PM, said:

ok read  all of the wiki on the awfulpanther  and it says,,,, quote,,, (the auf pz panther is not a scout tank!,it has the scout mm which means you will see occasional tier ten games) so get your facts right ive already checked,, :sceptic:
Wargaming officially classifies it as a Scout (as noted by the very same wiki in the MM discussion) and gives it Scout MM.   The blurb at the bottom of each tank description is one person's take on the vehicle, not an official statement on the tank.  In the case of the Auf Panther, the advice given is mixed at best, full of contradiction, and oblivious to some of the tank;s best assets.
For example, after stating the tank is not a Scout and is too big to passive scout, the author then recommends you carry a camo net because "As a fast moving sniper, being hidden is useful. Rapidly deploying to a key position and hiding behind a bush and detecting the enemy for your allies is what being a fast tank is about."  Well, if you just told us it can't passive Scout then why are you telling us to take a camo net so we can passive scout?
A second contradiction comes in recommending Deadeye.  The entire gist of the write up is that the Auf P is more effective as a Sniper than a Scout so it makes no sense to recommend Deadeye over Designated Target, especially for a fast Sniper such as the Auf P which will tend to locate many of its own targets.  
It also says, "It has the scout MM, which means you'll see Tier X games occasionally."  This is flat out bad info.   As a Tier VII Light, you get Battle Tiers 8-11.  You will see Tier X tanks A LOT.
It never mentions Ramming at all.  Yet Ramming ability is one of the Auf P's best features.
It never mentions Anti-Scouting, a function at which the Auf P excels.
Even the example using the AMX 12t is wrong.  Unless the 12t gets above average damage or is using HE (which it can't afford to carry much of due to its low ammo carrying capacity) it can't kill an Auf Panther in 1 clip. 6*135= 810 but an Auf P has 950 Hit Points.  It takes the 12t 10.10 seconds to unload a full clip and then it faces a long reload (depending on equip and skills, up to 19 or so seconds).  In the meantime, the Auf P is firing away averaging 165 damage per shot once every 4.13 seconds (not 4.2 as the author implies).  The 12t dies in 4 shots, 12.3 seconds into the fight. (4*165= 660 damage and the 12t has 600 hit points)
The Auf Panther is a Scout and can be played as one, although it is limited in which Scout roles it can assume.  That fact does not make it any less a Scout.  The VK 28.01 Cougar can not adequately Active Scout yet no one would argue it is not a Scout because of such a limitation.  The Auf P has fewer bushes in which it can safely hide, but it is quite a capable passive scout if played within its ability.
Taking this back to the OP's question:  Mark, if you want to Active Scout, the Auf P is not for you.  If you are willing to change your Scouting style to accommodate the needs of the tank, the Auf P can be great fun and a force on the battlefield.

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MarkR17 #22 Posted 19 August 2013 - 04:08 PM

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Uhm, I am back now...that took a while, sorry

Ok, I was already worried about active scouting itself, regardless of vehicle (maybe it does matter; wont grind T71 since I am 99% sure it will be nerfed, french light autoloaders aren't good at scouting, and no idea about chinese lights, but I gave up on chinese tanks due their terrible gun depression).
Hell, I even doubted once that playing light tanks are worthless due the lack of artillery nowadays!!

Passive scouting is a bit wonky on me since this requires a very good map knowledge, which I do not have and never really needed until now.
But the idea of anti-scouting (fighting enemy light tanks) sounds quite reasonable.

Equipment choice...after mentioning that V.Stabs work on this tank...I am kinda puzzled at the moment. Accuracy on the move is a very nice thing to have on any light tank since you will never stop (otherwise you're dead). You have only three slots. Rammer is always there, no exceptions. Either optics or binos, depending which role I have to assume. And...yeah, now I have to decide between Camonet or V.Stab.

The idea of hunting and killing scouts sounds appealing to me. Passive scouting...not so much. Especially if this tank is big.

Skill wise the skills that I used on the VK2801 should work on the Aufk.P. too, or should I focus on a more "medium tank" focussed build? For that matter, does Camo still work on a big tank like this? Well, beware that I have no gold to retrain any crew with zero losses though!!

And I am still waiting for an equipment sale!!

RU251 is an entirely different matter for now..

Lancasthor #23 Posted 20 August 2013 - 07:49 AM

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View Postsawthumbz, on 18 August 2013 - 02:37 PM, said:

LANCASTHOR,,,, what youve written sounds great,,but im sorry, i think
your  wrong ,,,(quote)  mm gives more experienced team,,does it?,when did that miracle occur,,,mm gives me usually permanent muppets or pubtards,awful panther is to large,to weakly armed, camo factor a joke, to be effective as a tier 10 scout,,,tier 8 or 9 ok its viable,,if you check even wiki says its NOT A SCOUT,,so are they wrong? ,and if its not a scout whats it doing in tier10 games where it doesnt stand a chance,,,in my opinion its there to give weaker tier 10 players an easy kill,,,,because in tier10 it cant do anything else

Allright' allright'.  Of course i can admit that Auf.P is not the easiest vehicle to make the difference in. Key to enjoyable round and success seems to lie behind an experienced crew mixed with little bit of player patience. Still, after a good round this useless "scout" usually manages to find itself in the top 3 xp-leeches of tier X battle. Specially in an open field map like Malinovka, Steppes or El Halluf.

Even if Auf.P can not really compete with other hightier scouts like T71 and Amx 13-90 in camo and manoeuvering, it has its moments way more represented specially in the later game. Almost any target in some 250hp status is a subject to ramming into oblivion regardless of their tier. while accurate gun with few gold rounds is capable of resetting the cap clock from outside hostile spotting range. Slightly higher HP pool ensures that you are not an instakill target to any non-arty gun, letting you deliver at least some punch against almost anything if needed.

Well. Honestly, my opinions might be bit strange because of few thousand rounds with VK28 and other scouts and for having extremely capable crew in my Auf.P from the beginning, but still im sharing this because it looks like you might manage to enjoy the hard path also. Shining with obsolete and overlooked vehicle is way greater joy than always choosing the *OP-tank-of-this-patch* only because it gives you the edge over other players.

In conclusion: Playing with Auf.P tells everyone that you don't need any extra advantage to enjoy this game and even blowing up in a horrible way can be taken with humor suitable for *serious* internet tank game.

Askorti #24 Posted 20 August 2013 - 09:42 AM

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Auf Panther is a weird tank. When you look at it's stats you think "What a piece of crap!" When you drive it for a few first rounds, you think it IS a piece of crap. But after some time this tank somehow gets better. I guess it's about adapting to how you have to handle it. But recently I found myself to do not so bad in it. I mean, I'm not some son of god send from above to redeem this tank, but often I'm surprised at how much damage I've done, as my expectations are quite low when it comes to this tank. Rate of 1:1 with your HP is not even that hard to accomplish. And this tank just dishes out the damage. Alpha is rather low for this tier, but RoF, accuracy and pen let you deal these 165 dmg points more often than not.

And I must admit, it's armor is better than expected. I found myself beating AMX 13 75 one on one because his shots luckily bounced off of me.

beercritch #25 Posted 20 August 2013 - 02:11 PM


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It doesnt have much going for it. In fact Awful is a good word.

I know people say they had a good game here or there, but you can say that about any tank in game. It doesnt make it good enough.

Its too big, too easily spotted, too cumbersome, and the view range isnt good enough for it to be a successful top tier light tank. Its little more than the worst tier 7 medium tank with +3 matchmaking

Its OK as a tier 7 tank and can just about hold its own against tier, but the bigger tanks just make a mockery of its position on the battlefield.

Lets compare.

Tier 9 or above german tanks all have better view range so you are better off in any of these as they can spot better. (in fact some tier 8's are better too). Not checked across the board but I suspect other nations too have better view range.

The hidden "camo values" for this tank are Poor. And thats being polite. The PzIV or VK30.01h are better, but its worse than that. Follow the russian tree and you can hide better in  a T62-a, or even worse an obj268, or any of the german leopards.

Speed is OK once you get there, but acceleration and manoeuvrability are so poor the top speed is of little use.

Then there is ramming. Why the hell would you want to do this? say you can get close enough to ram, doing it almost always takes your track so you are then dead in the water. Ramming is a 1 time only event and it isnt valuable enough.

The gun is OK, and is infact kind of reliable, but the damage is too low and what you gonna do anyway? Sit at the back of the back in your light scout sniping while someone else is spotting? Thats kind of screwed up.

My top advice is if you want to scout at top tier in a German tank get in something useful. Something that does more damage, is faster, has better camo, and has better view range. Go for the leopard 1 or leopard pta and you will be much happier.

beercritch #26 Posted 20 August 2013 - 03:08 PM


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sawthumbz said:

and despite what wiki says,quote it gets OCCASIONAL tier10 games, its a lie, it gets tier10games FREQUENTLY, so if you enjoy being 3tiers lower than everybody else in a tank thats as big as a  house with weak turret armour, and poorer viewing range than most other high tier scouts,,well make your own mind up,,,ive played it alot,,and get quite frustrated,,,but saying all that, if you land a tier 8or9 game and your team arent pubtards, its pretty good,i kind of like it, in a sick sort of way :amazed:

And while I am my high horse about this tank there is this ^^

My last 7 games are nothing unusual out of my total 90 played.

2 at rank 11
2 at rank 10
2 at rank 9
1 at rank 8
0 at rank 7

Even the mighty MM has it in for this POS tank

Che74 #27 Posted 26 August 2013 - 09:00 AM


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AWFUL yep.

Reason?   Too big, very easy to hit and slow to accelerate to be a decent scout.

one word : FAIL.

Oh, It seems I had a positive ratio with it (58% wins or so) but that was entirely dictated by the game/matchmaking.
Now it's dropping down (54% atm, 111 battles) and again not because of me... simply depending if I get good or bad teams.
Seems like game decided tank is now a loser, it will probably keep dropping to around 50% or so...

Eokokok #28 Posted 26 August 2013 - 09:11 AM

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It could be nice if the Konisch was buffed with more alpha to 185-190 region... but no, WG decided to make it L70 with pen buff... what a bunch of tards =_=

sawthumbz #29 Posted 01 September 2013 - 04:48 AM


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Lancasthor,,yeah know what you mean,,anything that comes easy, just aint worth having  :blinky:   ,ive got 6th sense on it now and its better, and yeah, still kind a like it,, also i played on a friends account using his AMX13 90 LOR 40 and bliss BAT(shit)CHAT, now there seriously great scout\assassins,im going to get me one of them

GlN #30 Posted 02 September 2013 - 10:10 AM


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Camo value 11.5..

Don't try to scout.. Trust me..

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