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Solution: How to DL test 8.8 and play game same time

dualbox multibox two instances instances test server

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GordonRamsay #1 Posted 23 August 2013 - 02:44 PM

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Well I love to go on test server to try new patch, but I love to play tanks too and because we can't download game AND play together,  I decided to try find a solution.

And I find it :-D

1.  get yourself some virtual PC or some multibox sofware
2. run launcher into it
3. profit :-D

Well I know that was easy. But many people dont know this things.
I used trial version of ISBoxer, it took me like 2 minute to set it, but you need to wait 30 min maybe so they will approve you trial version.
Then I used wiki guide here http://isboxer.com/w...tiple_instances

If you want absolute free version, go for  https://www.virtualb.../Downloads  its even better. It simulate virtual PC in your computer and it will give you opportunity to run any application. But I think it maybe need extra OS run into, so it can be more tricky than isboxer with innerspace.

besterich27 #2 Posted 25 August 2013 - 04:40 AM


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Stuck at beginning of Part 3 on the guide... "Start by going to the Wizards menu and select Quick Setup Wizard"
No idea where the Wizard menu is supposed to be. Edit: Herpa derp. looking at the wrong place :P

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