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World of [Insert Sci-fi name here]

Just some dreams.

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Cafeine #1 Posted 25 August 2013 - 02:34 AM


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So, first of all, English is not my mother tongue, if you do not understand what i say, feel free to ask :).

You may have heard some echoes about “World of Spaceships”, what a stupid fan idea isn’t it? Not that stupid; I’m pretty sure it would be a great game, and I’m here to share with you my opinion. I do not say that WG should make it; I’m just sharing a dream (or trying to).

The pictures and classes inspiration come from Homeworld 2, a good space RTS from Sierra, I do no own any of these pictures.

So “World of Spacecraft’s” (WoSC, WoSS would be a bit disturbing…) would be a MOBA like WoT, with the same Xp/money/researches system, and probably the same kind of interface.

The 15vs15 or 30vs30 battles would take place in reduced combat zones (shooting at something thousands of kilometers apart is not as fun as if the target is in close range) like asteroids fields, or near low-orbiting stations.

At tier 1, you could play a simple fighter ship. The “light” fighter mission would be to hunt and take down other fast ships, like the bomber or the heavy fighter. It can also annoy corvettes and frigates, or simply can play the role of a scout.

But after earning some Xp you could specialize in other types of ships ;

-Heavy fighters ; same role as the light fighter but with more fire-power, more speed and more options (Anti-corvettes, anti-frigate) depending on which weapons you load on the hull. You could also use it as a bomber, and threaten the heavier ships.
-Corvette ; It has more armor than the fighter, is less maneuverable and is slower. It has two turrets (no auto-aim) with anti-fighter guns, or anti-frigate guns. It’s a treat to every ship when it’s not alone.
With the fighter, the corvette can dock on Heavy ships to repair damaged systems (maybe restore HP also). Bigger ships cannot do that.
-Frigates ; Between the heavies and the corvette, the frigate has enough firepower to take down any ships, enough speed to be there when it’s needed, and enough armor to take heavy damages. With turrets (auto aim possible but very inaccurate), the frigate take down fighters and can also launch deadly torpedoes or missiles to the bigger ships (mine layers, heavy ion canons, active camo or other things, this is just an example).

If you put some Xp in frigates, you would unlock the Heavy branches at higher tiers;

-The destroyer, “lightest” heavy, is there to take on frigates and bigger ships. It is powerful, but very slow and has only sluggish turrets and torpedoes. It is not a real treat to lighter classes (even if it has some anti-light turrets, against an enemy squadron it’s vulnerable).
Like the frigates and every heavy, the destroyer has weak points that can make him loose some power (engine, turrets… are some examples).

-Cruiser; Slowest of all ships, with the most armor and firepower. It is the center of the attention, and is really dangerous for destroyers and frigates. Its many turrets can also deal a little damage to fastest ships, especially near the docks; fighters and frigates can dock inside this vessel and repair themselves or even change their weapon configuration in battle. (Maybe this one is a little OP, but would still be awesome IMO)
Cruisers are only available at higher tiers, and mostly deal with other cruisers or the main target; the enemy space station.

To win the battle, you would have to either destroy every ship in the area, or take down the enemy space station. The space station is protected by energy fields (protecting them from harassers) and some anti-light and anti-heavy ships turrets.

Of course there could be other types of missions; capturing a zone, escorts of freighters, etc.

Factions would have different vessels design, weapons and gameplay, but like in WoT they would mix up in random battle (or not, if there is a galaxy war map).

If you like (or dislike) the idea, please tell why and try to improve it.

Thank you for reading :D.

soolerman #2 Posted 25 August 2013 - 04:06 AM

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Not going to float my boat but i could see lots of people playing it.

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