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Answer Thread 3

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_Quasar_ #1 Posted 29 August 2013 - 04:40 PM


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Dear all,

For some of you who might have missed the Q/A session from the Gamescom, I am re-posting the answers in this new thread. Some of them are copy/paste from the article we posted on the site. However I have added some additional answers to the questions from the previous session and some comments.

1. How many museums did you visit while gathering data on the vehicles?

We visited many tank museums and experts around the world in order to gather the most accurate data for the development process. These include the Bovington Tank Museum in the UK as well as many other similar facilities in Germany, Russia and in the United State.

2. Are you working on improving the match-making system to be more fair?

The match-maker in its current form works quite well. Of course, this does not mean that it can’t be improved and we’re constantly working on it to make the game more balanced for the players. Please remember that we cannot regulate the human factor in the game and battles are mostly dependent on how well the players know their vehicles and if they can cooperate with each other.

Please also read the following article to better understand the fundamental principles of the current MM.

3. Will there be more campaigns in Clan Wars?

Yes, we are currently working on a new campaign, and we are also aiming to improve the Clan Wars in general. We expect to introduce new updates around the end of the year or at the beginning of 2014.

One of our current main objective is to move the CW functional to the game client.

4. Will there be a 7 vs 7 mode in Clan Wars?

We are currently working on additional content for Clan Wars. We can’t tell when exactly will it be done, but the 7 vs 7 mode is in planning.

5. Would it be possible to put smoke grenades in the game in order to have more tactical options to the players?

We have been thinking about implementing this kind of feature in the game, but at this time it’s not possible. The main limitation is the graphic and game engine. We don’t want to exclude players with slower computers who might be affected by this feature. It is possible that we will have smoke grenades in the future but for now it is not planned.

6. Will you upgrade the game graphics to make the game look like the Xbox 360 version?

We are constantly working on improving the game also on the graphic level. However, we do not want to make any drastic changes. Doing that would leave out the players with older computers or force them to upgrade their machines with the newest components just to be able to play. Please remember that Xbox 360 is a gaming console with a very efficient graphic chipset. We pushed the visual aspects of the Xbox 360 Edition very high because every single player who has the console will be able to enjoy it in the same quality.

7. Will PC players be able to play together with the Xbox players?

No. Each platform will have their separate servers.

8. Are you planning to add weather effects to World of Tanks on PC as well?

Yes, but not immediately. First we want to focus on improving the render and graphic engine.

9. Will there ever be a “hardcore mode” in World of Tanks, with a simplified interface and less indicators?

We are working on many different modes for the game, but implementing a “hardcore mode” would be very difficult. Our player community is very creative and some players would definitely find a way to bring back the indicators or any other features which make the gameplay easier. We wouldn’t want have a situation in which some players have an unfair advantage.

10. What are the next tech trees that will be updated in the game?
  • The Japanese tree is planned for the end of the year / beginning of the next year.
  • Currently we are working on German TDs.
  • Researches and brainstorming for the European tree have started.
  • Chinese Tanks Destroyers are planned for the next year.
Do not forget the Soviet medium tanks that can already be tested on the test server.

_Quasar_ #2 Posted 26 September 2013 - 11:01 AM


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11. Is there any chance to see tanks like FCM F1 or FCM 2C being introduced to the game soon?

Not planned for this year.

12. Any chance to introduce nation vs nation battles? Say US tanks versus German tanks?

No such plans for the moment.

13. Will WG add a historical payment system in the clan banks to check the transactions , who did it, date and the total amount?

Yes, this is planned.

14. Now there are big clans with more than one sub-clans. Are you thinking in make easier the communication between them as have the same chat ingame, or send them invitations to armored companies/training rooms without add them to the friend list?

Wait for 9.0 to get more information about our improvements to the game chat.

15.Is it possible to add a button to introduce all the crew at the tank with a single click or send them directly to the barracks?

We are currently working on different concepts. But yes, there are such plans.

16.Do you plan missions also for tank companies and platoons?

Yes, we are already designing those missions.

17.Will there be possibility in the future to sell one premium tank for gold?

For the moment we have no further plans to extend the functionality beside what was done for the Super Pershing.

18.Do you plan add more British tank destroyers or tanks like Sherman Firefly?

Not before the end of the year.

19.This has been a good topic for months but when a real full tutorial will be introduced in-game with categories and subcategories with hints and tips.

We are still working on it.

20.What about the historical battles? This has been planned but until now, there has no real information about them.

We are still not ready to share more. But they are in the center of our discussions.

21.Will there be maps with weather like rain or night or with real time light (morning when play in the morning or night when you play the game at night)?

Weather conditions are planned. But first of all we need to make sure that the game engine is optimized for them. It is not the case yet.

22.Will there be introduction of tier 11 and 12?

No such plans for the moment.

23.Will there be plan to have animation for the crew like seeing them loading bullets or shells?

No such plans for the moment.

24.Do you have plan to introduce the Italian tanks?

More information on the Italian tanks next year.

25.Can we get any info about 2nd Campaign?

The concept of the second campaign is ready we will start sharing more information very soon.
Feedback from players was taken into account during the design process.

26.Did SerB got he's IS4?


27.What is your favorite tank in this game?

Type 59, WZ-120, Object 140, AMX 50 B

28.What plans WG does have to improve game-play in general?

In general the plans are new game modes, better graphics, new missions, more high-end content and better socialization features and more ;)

29.Oh I almost forgot, will you return the "hunt us down" event, where golden tanks from WG entered random battles and you got X amount of gold for killing them? That was fun!

It won’t come back as such. Now we have different plans for this type of events, including Clan Wars. We will share more ASAP.

30.Will Chi Nu Kai come in 8.9 or along with entire Japanese tech tree?

The plan is to bring it first through the gift shop in 8.9

31.Is there any possibility to have a "built your own premium tank" option? i wrotea post months ago without any response.

No such plans for the moment.

32.When there will be the possibility to move the account to another server? I am moving to another Continent.

We are currently considering different concepts. We will communicate ASAP if we find something that works.  

33.What will be the main focus for next couple of patches to come this year and in beginning in next year.

You might find this article interesting: http://worldoftanks....m-2012-to-2013/

_Quasar_ #3 Posted 27 September 2013 - 09:01 AM


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34. Do you have plans to put second line of UK Heavies in game ?

No such plans for the moment.

35. Do you think about FV4201 Chieftain to be add into game ?

We think about this possibility, however this is not guaranteed.

36. Are you plan rework for HESH mechanics in the game ?

No, we are happy with the current version.

37. Some time ago you mention second French HT line without autoloaders, any update ?

We have not abandoned this idea, however there is nothing we can promise in terms in terms of delays. Maybe in 2014.

38. Why current physics model prevents a tank from flipping over?

Because the current tanks are not designed to be flipped over, especially their crash model. But it is not excluded that this will be added to the game one day.

39. In what way are you currently re-balancing the Foch(155), are you changing the gun, the armor or the mobility?

No balance changes for this tank in the near future.

40. You said that you were planning to activate coaxial guns, like the 75mm gun on the maus or the 37mm gun on the m3 lee. When we will have those coaxial guns activated as you promised?

This is a very long term plan.

41.  When will we be able to disable specific maps or map-types, we do not want to play?

We are still thinking about how to properly introduce such a feature. One day you might have the possibility to disable 1 – 3 of the maps that you dislike. However there won’t be any possibility to disable full sets or types of maps.

42.  Any plans to rework Severogorsk map?

No such plans for the near future.

_Quasar_ #4 Posted 18 October 2013 - 09:59 AM


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43. What are your next plans for SPGs that you can share?
As you might have seen in 8.9 common test patch notes, we have slightly improved the characteristics of vehicles from tier IV to tier VII.
For the rest, please note that we are still monitoring the situation and will bring changes if those are necessary.
44. Will British tank crew get a British accent?
This is being considered
45. When can we expect the city-maps under development to be released (patch number, if possible)?
There are plans to bring a map with urban area and full city map in the first part of the next year.
46. Will WG implement the option to "hide" one's stats in-battle?
No, there are no such plans.
47. Any plans for the British tree within the next 6 months?
Not exactly for the tree, but a British premium tanks are planned.
48. Will you implement new American medium tanks?
Yes, they are planned for the next year.
49. It would be great if you could choose the map in which you wish to play.. Would this ever be a possibility?
No such plans.
50. You said in the last Question & Answer session that the 2nd Campaign concept is ready. Would you finally give us information about it?
We are currently working on the announcement, we have plans to have it posted in less than two weeks.
51. Any plans to make tier specific CW landings?
Not exactly this way. Please wait for our announcement of the second campaign.
52. Is there any plans to make new skills or perks to crew?
We have such plans for the next year, this might include addition of new skills and some changes to the already existing ones. Please stay tuned.
53. Will there a possibility to change a clan name?
Yes such feature is almost ready, and announced here http://worldoftanks....g-announcement/
54. What about the historical mode?
As mentioned, still planned for the next year.
55. Will the interface continue to get worked on, such as the service record and mission tracker?
Yes, those features will get constantly improved. It is already the case in 8.9.
56. Is there any progress in displaying dynamic parameters in the garage (depending on crew, modules...) instead of generic ones?
Still discussing the concept.

_Quasar_ #5 Posted 19 November 2013 - 05:32 PM


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57. Did the developers got enough info on the RU251 tank? If so, how far is the implementation of that tank? If not, do they have any plans for any other German Tier VIII light tank?

We are still in the process of founding archives / museum that would give us access to this tank.

58.Will there be a meaningful function of the signal range and the radio man?
Right now signal range is a fringe stat (meaning that it rarely takes effect if at all) especially at higher tiers and I haven't seen a situation where it would make any sense at all to heal the radio operator (except to negate the xp penalty for wounded crew at the end of the match).

For the moment we have no plans to change this part of game mechanics.

59.Will Dragon Ridge ever return, or is it permanently gone?

This map is not planned to be introduced to the game in the near future.

60. Stream support (at least links) on main page/in client?

We have such plans for the next year.

61. Windowed fullscreen mode (seriously, this is like a must have for every new game, why can't we have this in WoT)?

No such plans.

62. Are you planning to make more bigger maps?

For the moment we are conducting game-play researches to discover on whether such a feature will bring any benefit to the game.

63. Will you improve the maximum graphical settings to keep them current and competitive with newer games? For example lighting, explosions, fires, textures and detailing.

Yes, this is planned.

64. What is latest news about history battles?

Works are in progress.

65. Is the FV215b (120) still on the cards for a buff? If so what would be planned to buff it?

This is very good and balanced tank. There are no plans to "buff" it.

66. Will it become possible to expend free xp on crew members?

This idea was abandoned.

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