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Drop dead diva...

just whining... FEEL FREE TO WHINE

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gialege #1 Posted 15 September 2013 - 11:07 AM


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Good morning WG, WoT, devs, moderators, kids, mom, dad, bro, ......., oups & wife. (Is wife-whine the same word?)
Good morning whining players of WoT.
Whell whining is gooood, helps devs to fix stuff.
So lets whine all together!!!
I ll start with the most popular whining threats.
-My arty is garbage i shoot at B-6 and the shell after 2min and 36secs lands at C-4, when i try for 2nd time? Well,  until the shell land to the target, the battle is over. At the chat i always see copliments like,"noob arty player". Well i have something for you heavys,  dont go near my target you might die and yes 60meters is CLOSE.
-Buffnerf, (thats a new word) You WG always buffnerf my tank. I want my old tank back you jack and pot. A good example of buffnerf is E-75 we have 29% that tells is been nerfed and 29% that tells its been bufed. The rest 42% agrees with them...
-Best of all!! MM heehehehehhelololololol lol....lol. Handrets of posts about MM " my AMX is never top tier give  my xp back. You jack WG and your pot  MM.... Well indeed MM sucks. Only when i loose.
Anyway i have a serious problem with WG and WoT and i cant find any soloution...
   "Before that i have to tell to those guys who check the forums. Why is RED colour yours? a? why? you you you something, RED colour is my football team colour and i want to use it. How about i ll take theblack???
Ban delete all the topics in black. Black is mine. Now you like it?  :trollface:
Lets go to that serious problem i want to whine for."
At home page you have a button that says Posted Image not Buy Gold!! One more time. "Posted Image"   "BuyGold"  Get-Buy. See the difference??
Well i did press that button, thought i was getting some gold, but noooooooo it gets you to a page that asks for you to pay!!!! It should say, take not pay, take-pay. Well, thought i ll pay 1 time and than i can get as gold as i want but nooooooooo.
Again i pressed the button Posted Image and again a page payforgold. Well i payed again aaaaaaand nothing, same page.. Tryed for 3d time nope 4th niente 5th nichts, rien 15th nope... No mater how many times i bought gold, not get, bought, never that Posted Imagebutton seems to work.
Dear community, fellow tankers, pls feel free to whine as much as you want.
After all, that what this topic is about.
P.s.8.8 seems free of bugs.  :teethhappy:  :teethhappy:  :teethhappy:  :teethhappy:
Posted Image
What's the score?

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lockbackslash #2 Posted 15 September 2013 - 11:22 AM


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+1 :teethhappy:  but
I have to whine about see you whine!!!

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