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Feels like a long time

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SpiderXoo7 #1 Posted 26 September 2013 - 03:58 PM

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FOOOORUUUUM !!!! Hi ! Just your friendly under-the-bed spider here, making a random pointless post. Well maybe it will have some point when It's finished, but right now I just took a break from the game, watched the cold rainy weather outside, got a cup of tea and dug through the forum here for amusement.
So I ended up going through my archive topics (by the way there's something fishy with the archives.. after page 2 only errors, WG..  :tongue: )  and posts out of nostalgia.. ah the good old arty whine thread times, me hitting the roof out of anger with everyone whining, trying to defend arty to some extent.. ohh.. the old vertical tech tree, how I miss it.. oh the old soviet OP tech tree.. when IS4 was tier9 and everyone had brownies in their pants when meeting it face to face. Oh remember the old T30 tier10 heavy? I still kind of regret missing out on the T34 turning premium.. ah, couldn't be bothered with the whole US line grind at that time.

Damn, it's been a long time now.. I mean I haven't been here from the get go. I'm sure there's plenty of older veterans still roaming around. Still, 2 years now. So many battles, so many tantrums, so many rage quits and whine threads but also a lot of fun.. so many patches, indeed a lot of changes.. hah they fixed the mm.. can you believe that. I know some will still disagree, but meh.. can't please everyone  :bajan: .
Getting close to the last tech tree now... Japanese line woo! I'm enjoying it more now than before, maybe I've come to peace with all the crazy stuff that happens here, and even if there's still lots of work to be done, but lets give a shout out to WG this once for this game and bringing this community together WOOT WOOT! Now go fix the game more!  :teethhappy:

I'm happy to still be here and will probably stick around for a long time to come. I guess we could call this an "I DON'T quit thread". I may not have been as active on the forum as others, but have definitely read a ton of good posts and comments and fun, stuff and learned a lot.. and lurked plenty while dishing out +/- while giggling like an [edited]troll  :trollface: .. but that aside, I want to also thank you all for keeping the forum lively!

Well, this post is dragging on now.. oooh the memories. I wonder what will happen when the game actually hits. 1.0.0  :ohmy: .. probably end of the world. I am correct that the game is still 0.8.8 right? the initial 0 has been left out so much now that I'm not sure anymore.

Ok time to end this. Bloody hell, I don't know how to end this... ermm... well, FREE BEER FOR EVERYONE !!!! AAAAAAAA.... wish I had the money to do that  :trollface:
Good luck in future battles fellow tankers, may the ZEN of wot be with you and calm your nerves when in need! Cheers to all!   :blinky:

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