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Learn and share: AT 2 weakspot vs Pz1c w/Mauser Autocannon

AT 2 Pz1c Weakspot Autocannon

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Observer413 #1 Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:23 PM

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Hello there.
Some time ago, i started a topic about "how to pen Churchill 1, while driving Pz1c".
link avaible below:
Today, with help/hints from other players on this forum, i found out similar weakspot on AT 2, permitting this little tier3 monster to take down the feared british lumbering beast.
As a proof, as well as "guide" video, i give you my replay, from training room, on wotreplays.com site.
-it takes less than a full clip from Mauser autocannon to track AT 2, so after our target gets his/her repair kit used up, we can permatrack him/her and abuse the weakspot.
-no APCR(premium ammo) needed to succed, since AP for Mauser get average 33mm of penetration, i believe you could achieve this with any other tier2 or higher autocannon.
OFFTOPIC: you can pen there also with Pz4 10.5cm derp-gun using AP rounds(64mm of average penetration, 350 average damage, costs 120 credits for each shell, compared to 128 credits for HE), which means that when you get around AT 2, you could use AP round as a cheap alternative for a HEAT round, that costs 4000 credits per each shell. Also, unless you shoot the top of this TD from higher position(rear-top armor is only 19mm thick), you will need 3 HE shells to get rid of this TD alone, while with using of mentioned weakspot you can open up with AP and finish him/her with HE.
I tried to pen there with HE but failed in 3 consecutive tests, so i gave up... For now.
Succesfull 10.5 AP test:
This leads to my conclusion- most likely even other tier3 light tanks with single-shot cannons will be able to pen the AT 2 in mentioned weakspot. Worth keeping in mind, since there are times when we are low tiered tank, and our top tiers fail to get rid of enemy AT 2s.
Have a nice day and go hunt yourself some tier5 brits in tier3 LT, will you?

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Kulgur #2 Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:40 PM


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Looking at wot tank viewer the weak spot is 25ish mm, but you'd have to hit it at an angle. 30mm is probably the lowest pen that would go through. It looks like a small bug in the armour scheme vs skin of the model.

Observer413 #3 Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:45 PM

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25.4mm according to this site:
I believe its like in case of Churchill 1, this part of the tank got armor value of "underplate"/chasis of the tank, and most likely was supposed to be covered by tracks, but still some small surface is accesible to our fire.
PS. I sure as hell hope, that this thing won't get fixed or covered. I expect mass of lols and rage that may occur while using this weakspot.

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