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SndzkYugo #1 Posted 29 September 2013 - 08:53 PM


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Hello there fellow tankers,
please let me present to you:

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FredTMK GAMING on YouTube

Detailed analysis and fun all about Word of Tanks!


-So what is this all about?
Well, of course there are lots of YouTubers who upload very good WorldofTanks content. But, i noticed that not all of them do review every new (premium) tank or other new tanks directly that were added to the game in the latest update.
I try to do exactly that so that people can see how these vehicles perform and based on that decide if they should get it or not. Yes, I know there is a testserver, but not everyone likes to download 5+GB just for that, also these tanks do perform differently without the gold ammo spam on the testserver.

-Is that all?
Of course not. I will definetely do reviews of older tanks and theres a format called Random Draw I am doing at the moment. Keep in mind that I am still experiementing with some stuff so please dont expect perfection.

-Is your Opinion even worth listening to?
I guess so ;) I have been playing WoT since open Beta back in 2010 and never really stopped playing it for longer than 2 months or so, also I was a part of the EU Supertest program so I think I probably have enough knowledge and experience to do interesting and entertaining videos.

-Ok, but why should I watch your videos when I can go and watch YouTubers like Jingles or SideStrafe?
Well thats a difficult question. While these and other YouTubers do have a very detailed knowledge of the game and environment, I still do think that I have that little bit more that sometimes makes the difference ;)
Also, why not give me a chance and offer your feedback afterwards so I can improve more quickly and easily? That´d be great, too!
So, please take a few minutes and check out the videos I have already done and post your feedback!

Thanks for your time and remember, feedback is always appreciated!

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