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Panzer Elite - Need Help

simulator install panzer elite panzerelite crash

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smiglo112 #1 Posted 25 October 2013 - 01:07 PM

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I have a question to you people, i recently got my hands on an old game i used to play when i was a kid (that was in the early 2000s), that is Panzer Elite. Namely the SE one. Not that Panzer Elite Action crap that got out later, i mean the REAL ORIGINAL ONE! The SIM i liked so much. But well let's get to the point shall we?
Why am i writing a post you may ask. There're two reasons for it.
First one is that i'm looking for some good tank sims. But ones that have at least several tank models in them (i heard that T-34 vs Tiger is a good one, but i'd like to drive PZ4's, Panthers, PZ3's, Shermans... Well other tanks as well), thus i'm asking for some propositions.
Second and more important reason is that i'm looking for someone that has any experience installing Panzer Elite on Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (8 would be the best as i use 8.1 atm). At this moment i got to the point where i can launch the game and it gives me a BSOD. One that i never earlier had a chance to see on Windows 8. What i thought is that maybe i could install a Virtual Machine, so i found Oracle VM VirtualBox on my PC (had it installed for quite some time actually), and installed Windows XP on it. Then, i tried installing PE on that VM. I Installed all the drivers on it including Video Drivers, but i can't launch the game beyond the menu. I get to see the Main Menu, can change details, dificulty, sound, things like this, but when i try to launch any mission, campaign or anything really it crashes, gets back to menu and shows me the mission results screen, empty of course as i didn't do anything literally.
So i'd be thankfull for any advice on what to do, as i've tried everything that came to my mind, including compatibility mode on both my Windows 8 as well as my VM. I have DX installed on both (11 on W8 and 9.0C on XP), video drivers, sound drivers, no unknown devices in device manager.
I can post my PC specs if needed, but i think that it doesn't matter that much, considering the age of the game itself. Let me just tell you, that the VM gets 2GB of ram for it's use when it's on.
And please posts like "i have no idea" or "good luck in searching for answer" aren't welcome. Also "TD:DR" posts aren't helpfull to stay away.

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jeff_peters #2 Posted 26 October 2013 - 02:21 PM

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There are a few sims like T-34 vs Tiger, or Steel Fury, or the more modern Steel Armor: Blaze of War. They all have their pro's and con's so you might want to research them a bit to have an idea about them. They also might be hard to get, as the first two have been discontinued AFAIK. If you want to play PE again, have a look at gog.com. They are selling it without DRM and compatible with Windows Vista/7/8 for just 5 dollars.

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