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RNG denied me Radley-Walters for the 10th time....

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Stracke_ #1 Posted 27 October 2013 - 06:17 PM


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So what happened again was: Le me in my JgdPanther II on Siegfried line. Having a monstrously good game:
Map:  Siegfried Line
Date: 27/10/2013 16:49:39
Vehicle: Jagdpanther II
Exp: 4,092 (x2)  Credits: 61,602
Achievements: : Top Gun, Sniper, Sharpshooter, Reaper, Master Gunner
17 shots fired: 15 hits= 88.24 hit percentage
One of these misses wasn´t crucial to this but the other one was.
So starting the game wrecking an ELC japanese suicide pilot diving out of the main gate in order to get his scout medal....he didn´t make it far  :teethhappy:
Then just getting more and more kills which brings us to the point where I had 7 kills. Driving out of the city while the team is capping...Hands shaking: I am gonna get RADLEY-FUCKIN-WALTERS this time! Driving to the last known position of the IS-6 (one shot). He just came out of cover and I could  see his nice fat juicy a**. Only aimed for 1 sec (normal aiming time 2.3) and in the very moment I fired he pulled back and my shot missed by less than an inch. You can understand my rage at that point...It would be comparable to telling Ectar he is english :trollface: . Anyway hammering the W-button: GO YOU ***** USELESS*****GO FASTER*****! In the very same moment as I came around the house corner to place the kill shot a Type-59 who didn´t do a single point of dmg in the whole game came right up behind the IS-6 and planted with a disgusting grin on his little yellow chinsese face the kill shot in the IS-6. My rage at that point was not to be grabbed by any human measurement.................................
So I just printed out the Radley-Walters medal and placed it with duct tape onto my screen where in the service record it would actually be.
That made the pain go away at least a bit.
This wasn´t the first time that this happened.....7 kills in a T-49 7 in an IS-3, 7 in a Löwe!!! and so on....
Here is the replay for those who wanna see it: http://wotreplays.co...-jagdpanther_ii
Please express your compassion for me here:

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PorkBeans #2 Posted 27 October 2013 - 06:19 PM


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Thats awesome, but once ive won a Pool medal and RNG didnt accepted me.

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