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Automatic tournament system

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Schperling #1 Posted 27 March 2011 - 02:40 PM


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15 minutes before the first battle of the match all team members will receive invitation to the "special rally point" (it will pop-up). The rally point is where rooms for every match will be created. Just click on the room name to enter it.

If you don't see the "special rally point" or closed it by accident, just click "Special Battles" under the "Battle!" button.

A tournament room is similar to a company battles room. Every invited team member can join the battle roster, so team members don't need to wait for the captain to assign everyone to the team. Attention! Don't forget to press "Ready!"
button before battle starts.

The differences between company battles room and tournament room are:

1 - Tournament name
2 - Team names and score
3 - Rules Battles/Wins (Battles - maximum number of battles in match, Wins - battles to win). Attention! First team that reaches "Wins" number advances to next round, regardless of played battles (e.g. Ural Steel rules - 5/2, so if team 1 gets 2 wins after 3 battles, remaining battles won't be played and team 1 advances to the next round)
4 - Additional description (Battle duration, time between battles, draw rules)
5 - Time left before battle start
6 - Map for the match (every battle teams switch spawn sides)

After the battle, you will receive a special notification on battle results:

When the match is over the "special rally point" window will be automatically closed.

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