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E50 E75 E100 engines

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onetwothree #81 Posted 02 June 2011 - 09:12 PM

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i dont want to critizie the devs. But pls next time dont publish all your ideas and planned changes to early. Otherwise the people will spam the forum and you have to answer all questions tenthousandtimes xd

Back to topic:

It is ok if the Panther II will loose his 10.5 when he will decreased to tier 8. Otherwise he is really "overpowered" for all other mediums and heavys tier8.
And the E50 gun? I dunno which gun is perfect for him. Maybe the 10.5 again?
At least the Tier7. 3002DB and Panther are really different. The 3002 is more a dog fighter. The short 88 is maybe a good choice for this tank. But for my best "fire-nd" Panther maybe it would be better to keep the long 88. Why? A Panther is not the best choice for close combats. The engine and ammo damage is a good example for it. Or what the people already said the 7.5 L100 to penetrate heavies.

Back to main topic:

Some images and some "facts" about the E-Series is in my view only fake. I say Nast... But I know that Wargaming will create tanks which will be more balanced than the tanks before :)

Just some ideas :)

ShrewdOne #82 Posted 03 June 2011 - 08:29 AM

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don't even bother... like all german tanks... they'll just be another preys for CCCP tanks <_<

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