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WG admins and the team! realy a team or just ......... decide

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Mugetsu1 #1 Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:05 PM


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Its funny aint it ? dont see/hear of the team much but as much as i'v been active on the forums WG forums have been disapointing. Ask a simpel question wich leads in to a friendly debait/talk the WG devs get on delet fck all leave the actual question un answered and just laugh. Does it give them some kind of sadisfacktion? not sure.

havent used much of the customer help cos of ^^^ that.

+ a friend of mine played here but stoped playn cos of the "gold shop".

he payed for some gold (he stil has the bank transacktions saved) but he didnt get fck all on hes account instead there was only a big fat 0.it took The WG OVER a MONTH to reply to him and promised to pay back or give the gold. but i havent heard nowt about it yet. Gona keep me up to date with that problem.

All that is a small portion of complaines that am pointing out.

I'v played allot for years online and meny other games. But theres always been better comunication betwene players and devs. More helpful, conserned. Even tho a player posts a stupid question theres always some one to answer it. here just hit delete leave question hanging and leave.

and now i ask WHY? WHY devs ? WHY?

it circles my head and i cant just understand. Is it ignorance? plain stupicity? they getin to much $$ ? mebe one of em mebe non of em.

i bet this Topic gets deleted in seconds. i do apologize about my bad english. and i do apologize in advance in front of WG but rly am conserned and not trieing demean ya down.

So take it as a lesson.


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