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EU Language Clarification

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Indy_Bones #1 Posted 07 November 2013 - 09:09 AM


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Hi guys,

There was a thread raised yesterday (which has since been locked) regarding the number of 'foreign' players one member was coming across who did not speak English.

I have ZERO interest in re-gurgitating the topic for what it was (nor am I specifically disagreeing with the decision to lock it), but I do want to clarify a point that was made in there that is simply misleading, and that was a claim by one of the Community Team that English isn't even the 'largest' (read: most understood/used) language in the EU, which is frankly incorrect.

They raised the point that as a PRIMARY language that English lies in 3rd (techincally joint second behind German) along with Italian (with approx 13% understood/knowledge), but completely ignored the fact that as a SECOND/ADDITIONAL language that it's understood by a further 38% thereby bringing it's total 'knowledge' across the EU (either as primary or additional language) to 51% overall, a clear 24% higher than the next highest competitor - German at 27% overall.

I hope this clarifies things for anyone who actually gives a damn about the information being posted actually being accurate, and like it or not (or disagree with it or not), English IS the most likely language choice in the EU to receive comprehension, even if it's at a relatively basic level and therefore it logically makes sense that this language would be used somewhat more across the playerbase as a means of promoting relevant teamplay and communication...

A_Hardy_Buck #2 Posted 07 November 2013 - 09:37 AM


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Meh , that's my opinion to the entire thing , I'm Irish and I don't even speak my native language , I speak english,french and chinese(badly)

The entire issue should just go away , 90% of the things that need to be said can be said with the Fkeys in battle and then on the forums for the most part we've our own language sub forums and then in game the only ones where english only is enforced is General chat as there are other official general chats to be used by the other languages.

People who make a big deal out of it are generally the less intelligent members of the playerbase

Ze_HOFF_fverhoef #3 Posted 07 November 2013 - 11:19 AM

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Totally agree. English is becoming the de facto global language of the world.

I think most people in Europe nowadays get to learn English as a second language (if not first).
According to this publication (http://www.ef.nl/__/...ort-master-lr-2), the proficiency of English  in most European countries ranges from moderate to very high.

As for me, I'm Dutch myself, and speak therefore Dutch as well as English, a bit of French and German, and a tiny bit of Japanese.

Jock_E_Spolliks #4 Posted 07 November 2013 - 02:38 PM


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I really don't mind what language people speak in-game. It's certainly not something that would stress me out.
In my line of work, I sometimes have to travel to godforsaken places like Longford or Cork and the great unwashed, unemployed natives down there can barely string a sentence together without peppering it with the word 'like' about 30 times.

"Like, we went to the pub like, an got ligliss like, on vodka an mineral like"

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