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Full [edited]in WoT and being in teams with them

noobs fullretards badMM badday

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VladMtg #1 Posted 10 November 2013 - 12:48 PM


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Hello everybody ! Today Wargaming decided that i need another "being just in teams with full [edited]" day ,so i decided to take a little break and write this . I must admit, i'm a noob and i dont have good stats yet :sceptic: , but i do something that not so many new players do....something very obscure for them, called...thinking ,looking at the map ....compare chances ....etc . Bad MM is one of the most frequent problems i have this month.
I just can't understand , there are so many tanks for so many playing styles .
Why in the name of God you get a Kv 1 s to camp with the TD's ?
Just cause your tank can get 60 km/h you dont need to drive it like a moron !
Why do you go and stop your medium in front of a fully health heavy and think "yeah i'll kill this motherf*cker no problem ! "
Those are just Full Reetards. That's how i call them . Being a noob it means being a player who knows he's not so good and trying to improve his playing by thinking , adapting and learning .
Being a Full Retard means to blame others for your incompetence and being so idiot you're not even trying to improve your playing and not even thinking what you're doing in the game.. WoT is a thinking game about making decisions , step by step .
Today i've been only in this kind of teams , half of it dead after 2 minutes . Days like this make my hate that i love this game and leaves me with anger and disgust for wargaming , but it's not their fault when the players are the actually problem
If someone wanna platoon up for some tier V , VI action im disponible :smile:
What do you guys think about those kind of players ? :amazed:

Tzutzu #2 Posted 10 November 2013 - 12:56 PM


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Totally agree with you !   :sceptic:

GiraffeInATopHat #3 Posted 10 November 2013 - 04:56 PM


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Get this a lot. There are some beacons of hope out there with some good teams.

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