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A Season of Gaming's Perfection

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AnuSuaraj #1 Posted 13 November 2013 - 12:34 AM


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A Season of Gaming’s Perfection

I woke up on one dreary autumn morning to the sound of loud keyboard mashing and quite excessive mouse clicking. I glanced up from my bed only to witness an uncanny sight. My little brother was occupying the computer and chopping away at some gnarly Falmers that have taken residence in some virtual ice cave in Skyrim.

Now, first thing to keep in mind is that when I say my little brother, I am only referring to the fact that he’s a bit younger than I am, because in reality my little brother isn’t very little at all. He is, in fact, quite larger than I am.

My brother is some twenty five years old now and is also a long time member of one of Croatia’s most elite army anti-terrorist units. So he’s been doing intensive Special Forces trainings and drinking protein shakes for breakfast, launch, and dinner for the past three years. And that is also why anyone that has taken a peak at any recent Mrsic family photos that my mother so generously shares over various social networks has always left resounding comments like: “Well, your son sure looks strong and handsome but who’s that little girl standing next to him?”

Even though I am even a bit taller than my brother and at least somewhat manly in my own right (or so I like to believe) I still look like a sixteen year old girl whenever I place myself next to my brother’s broad shoulders. My brother, the perfect hybrid between a brutally unintelligent jock and a raging metro that obsesses over every finer piece of garment ever sown upon this Earth, was never very interested in video games of any kind.

I showed him Call of Duty 4 once and he just shook his head saying: “I do this crap in real life.”

Point taken.

Next thing I showed him was the praised RPG named Kingdom of Amalur. And that one was a homerun. He loved that game. He really did. My poor brother dressed up his would-be hero in the very finest (and of course best looking) armor he could find, armed him with the finest blades and bows, walked over every inch of soil, opened ever chest in the game, and slew every man, beast, or creature that dared to oppose his might.

Then one day he just walked up to me with sad puppy eyes and said: “I’ve finished that game. Are there any more?”
“But of course there’s more, my little ruthless barbarian you.” I told him and swiftly downloaded, ehrm, I mean first bought THEN downloaded Skyrim and all its related DLC-s. And my little brother corralled through that massive open world of never ending quests in about two weeks time.

I am dead serious. He finished EVERY FREAKING QUEST in Skyrim in two weeks time. I loaded his last save just to make sure and lo and behold he had every location discovered and every quest completed.

And I was supposed to be the dedicated gamer freak of the family? I never finished all the quests in Skyrim, and I never freaking will.
I installed Fallout New Vegas next but my brother finished that one in about a week flat.

And he just kept coming back from more.

At that point I showed him World of Tanks.

What I was expecting him to do is to shake his head and say: “Nah, I tear apart tanks with my bare hands in real life so this crap just doesn’t cut it for me.”
But surprisingly he never did anything of that sort. Because he loved it. He loved World of Tanks.

Being an avid player of WoT myself I even offered him to teach him so moves but he brushed me off telling me he wanted to figure it out for himself. In two months time he was rated as a good player with a global WR around 54%, or so it was the last time I bothered to check.

I asked my brother if he’d like to platoon with me sometimes, he said: “No thanks, I prefer playing alone.”
I asked my brother what he thought of artillery in WoT (and this was before the arty nerf) and he said: “Artillery is only dangerous if you’re not careful.”
I asked him what he thought of TD-s and he said: “They’re nice I guess, but I prefer the heavy tanks. The American ones.”
Best part of the whole story, I never had to install another game for my brother, like ever.

He was perfectly content rolling around in little virtual tanks whenever he had some time to spare, you know, when he wasn’t busy repelling down from helicopters and stuff.
And that’s the thing I love about tanks. I mean sure, it takes time and effort to become good at it, everything in life usually does, but you can teach the basics of the game to your grandfather in about fifteen minutes.

I know because I’ve actually done that. I showed my grandpa how to play WoT and he scored his first kill within a half an hour of my brief tutelage.
But enough about that. Let’s get to the matter at hand.

On a summer day of this fine year of our lord 2013., I was playing World of Tanks in my beautiful Centurion when an arty shell landed on my engine compartment and blew me to bits, with full HP and everything.

And at that very moment I understood all the arty ragers who were patrolling the forums at that time, because for that brief moment in time I really hated arty a lot. Deep down inside I knew that getting one-shotted like that was pretty much my own fault, as it always is. But I still wanted it to be someone else’s fault really bad, much like some people would like to blame the lamp post for wrapping their car around it. Or blame the door frame for intentionally getting in the way of your head with a clear intent to cause concussions.

So I understood the arty ragers in a way. Because even if you were keeping your tank stationary in an open field that really wasn’t arty safe at all, it still felt god awful to watch your tank disappear in cloud of smoke and all because of an enemy all the way on the other side of the map that you couldn’t even see. Now, I myself was never raging against arty, nor did I ask for it to be nerfed. In fact, I believed that arty was even a bit underpowered on lower tiers. But one thing I did utterly despise were those silly battles on tier 10 in which you had five arties on each side, platooned or not, derping everything in sight.

This many arties immediately turned the all the tanks in the battle, be it heavies, meds or TDs, into spotters. Nothing more, nothing less. All the tanks in these battles were just little spotting pawns participating in an open duel of all mighty and powerful artillery pieces. So I did believe that a change was required. A simple 3 arties per battle limitation within the match maker would have sufficed but instead WG decided to go the way of the full out arty nerf thereby turning once powerful SPG-s of death and destruction into vessels of minor annoyance and irritation.

In any case, I was not amused. And the arty ragers were not satisfied either so they simply rebranded themselves as TD ragers and went about their business.
Still, it seems that recently the number of arty players has increased and that things are looking up for the better again. But it would be nice to have the old arty back, and I for one would even be willing to suffer those 10+ arties mega duels on tier ten if that meant that I would never again have to suffer the indignity of a draw on freaking El Halluf.
Also, I would like to end this prolonged and unusual article with a suggestion that would in my opinion add a bit to the gameplay.

Now, I think we all know by now about WG’s “other game” AKA World of Heavy fighters. You know the one that has homing shells and entire trees of overpowered planes.
Well, you see, we know for sure, that World of Warplanes developers are working on a method of landing your crippled plane for reduced repair costs and/or other bonuses.
So allow me to suggest a similar concept for WoT.

We all know that the tanks with the biggest repair costs are those on tier 10, so I suggest the following.
Every time a tier 10 tank, like for example the Maus, gets knocked out, what is left of its crew tries to escape the crippled and burning tank by way of an emergency escape vehicle.

So basically the idea is that every time a Maus tank gets knocked out, the back of the Maus opens up, and a LolTractor rushes out.
And if the said player manages to escape back to his own base, with the said LolTracktor housing what’s left of his crew, without getting killed, then he or she gets a bonus in terms of credits in order to alleviate the painful repair costs.

Any enemy player that manages to spot the escaping LolTractor and kill it gets a bonus in terms of XP and credits.
Any enemy player that manages to spot the escaping LolTractor but decides not to kill it gets the Saint Christopher medal of the Most Merciful Soul.
What do you think? Sounds nice yes? I’ve already suggested it to some of my WoT friends and they seem to like the idea.

But let me know what you think.

In any case, happy World of Warplanes release day everyone.

And I’ll see you Wargaming people, or as I like to call you – my mortal foes, on the InfoGamer in Zagreb this weekend. I hope you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the Suaraj

Abukko #2 Posted 13 November 2013 - 01:06 AM


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Kewl story and lol idea +1

Popovic123 #3 Posted 13 November 2013 - 01:34 AM

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1) What does your brother story has to do with the Loltraktor idea?
2) Your knowledge of English, and writing skills are REALLY, REALLY good. Made me kind of sad, as I kind of thought my English writing skills were the BEST in this part of the world.

hastatus #4 Posted 13 November 2013 - 02:52 AM


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Popovic, my theory of involving his brother is following;

Not many people can resist games, it is like they were hit in the right spot of interests and hobbies. Same may have happened here..

Now, the idea of a loltraktor is utterly a nonsense, however I am not going to stop at this. I would love to see the crew escaping the vehicle once struck hard, hmm that not going to happen eh? This games series are arcade, ok? But let's not make it any more worse. Honestly, the only time I see this happening is as I said above, men escaping through the rear hatches or whatever depending on the tank. Anyone played Theatre of War? Not the best game on the planet, but the men escape the usual way :)

Show your brother War Thunder, that game outmatches warplanes for sure!

AnuSuaraj #5 Posted 13 November 2013 - 09:05 AM


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Well, first I wanted to compliment Wargaming for their simple and fun to play game AKA World of tanks and I used my brother's example to achieve this goal.

Once that was done I came in with the proposition and the actual agenda of my post which is the act of restoring arty to its previous strength.

And then, just to wrap things up I added a somewhat moronic idea with the Loltracktor at the end just to make the idea about buffing arty all the more appealing.

So, step one - soften up the mark by way of uneccessary compliments, step two - sneak in your hidden agenda, and finally step three - add a tarded suggeston to make the real suggestion sound even better.

Mission accomplished.  :glasses:

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