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eGPU - mah FPS problem solver

wat random siemka meatballs fps problem

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punishersal #1 Posted 14 November 2013 - 09:36 PM

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I just made this thing today and wanted to share it with people in this forum who will see this thread.
I was finally fed up with my terrible FPS due to having just Intel HD Graphics adapter in my laptop. So, I remembered about thing called ViDock and how people in some forum made it using other way and cheaper.

Overall, its mentioned as eGPU, which probably stands for External Graphics Unit. And you can already guess that its an external video card.
To achieve it, it took me to buy a cable unit called PE4H-EC2C. Like in this picture:
Posted Image
Except, there is one more Molex cable and 24-pin port which also contains on-off switch to receive power from PSU.
Here is how it looks in real life with my laptop and old CRT monitor. (pictures are taken with mobile phone so they are kinda not that good quality. And then resized to make sure forum doesnt explode.)
Posted Image
Laptop with eGPU system, external monitor, PSU and HD4850.
Posted Image
So, there is:
  • a full size PCI express slot on one card (which also has 4 HDMI ports, 1 USB, 1 additional power supply port and another 4-pin port)
  • HDMI cable
  • 4-pin to Molex cable
  • A little card with 24-pin slot like the one on motherboards and switch
  • Aaaand Express card which has HDMI port on one side
To make this (eGPU) work, I had to connect them with PSU (which has to provide power for video card) and to laptop (express card slot).

What do I get from this? I can connect any (probably) video card to my laptop and it will use it as its own video card. I tested it already and it works.
But current problem is that I have only ATi video card available and they require external monitor to be able to work.
But from what I have researced, nVidia has Optimus technology which allows to use laptop internal screen.

You might say that I could have easily bought a new laptop. But there is a "but". First one is that if I would buy new laptop, I would have to pay more money to get new laptop with parts I already have in this one (i3-390M CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD).
Another one is that, I can use a desktop graphics cards which are much more powerful than laptop "mobility" series video cards.

So, maybe  there is someone else who was wondering about doing this, I can say that this "eGPU" thingy worked for me.

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