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Unfair Matchmaking, Im Out.

This is my freedom speach.

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Alphashell #1 Posted 20 November 2013 - 08:57 PM


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<Snip> your matchmaker that itsnt set to make games even and interesting, but is set to make someone lose by putting him into team full of donkeys if he has been doing too good. And I freaking mean it, since patch 8.9 this has became obnoxious, for two weeks now I get to play as bottom tier tank or top tier with turbodying teammates.
<Snip> your hidden tank stats which are made so you can adjust stuff without us knowing!
<Snip> your OP tanks that you dont balance out "because there will be too much whine on forums".
<Snip> your "we want it to historical" nerf excuse on tanks that never even needed a neft in the first place. WHILE LOOK SENTECE ABOVE.
<Snip> your gold ammo BS.
<Snip> your pseudo-random generator which makes 33% winrate players tank bounce all if he is close to death, while giving instant fire to good players and another fire after repair kit been used.
<Snip> your new tank lines which come out OP while older tanks are nerfed to oblivion.
<Snip> your imbalanced maps.
The list of things wrong with this game is too long to remember... so moving on to the main point.
<Snip> YOUR GREED. I can see what you are doing here. Every choice about this game you make is based solely on your goal to make EVEN MORE MONEY. <Snip> matchmaker and pseudo-random-generator - to keep players from being on a winning streak, cause they wont need premium or gold ammos then, to keep bad players from being on a losing streak, cause then they will just quit game and will not buy a thing from you again. Gold ammo - of course, when your BS MM puts someone good in the bottom tier and he wishes to do ANYTHING he will need alot of THIS, to fund this he will need premium account, right? Hehe. Hidden tank stats, unneeded nerfs - so players dont get too comfortable on decent machines, so they are in constant need to grind out some other machines, while again, being in need of donation benefits if they dont want to endure a world of hurt. Do I even need to explain about imba maps and new tank lines?
I would gladly pay monthly fee if you would give me fair gameplay in exchange, but we all know you earn more by keeping this "game" in free to play - pay to win mode.
I honestly regret that I got suckered into playing and paying money for this garbage. I know I cannot get time wasted back, <Snip> . I dont know which I want more, money from sold account, or a lifelong ban from this <Snip> so I never look back, truthfully, the latter sounds better, hope I got you motivated to grant me one.
Also <Snip> WG apologists, who be like "all is fine in this game". You are either high, oblivious or benefit from WG schemes in some way.
Waiting for my ban, this way ill know you scumbags have at least read this...
I think your keyboard is broken because there was a lot of foul words, but I fixed it for you.


AngryApple #2 Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:00 PM


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Dear shitflake,

your username is very fitting.

That is all, thank you.

TinyViking #3 Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:01 PM


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Constructive criticism:
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This post:
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I'm sorry you are unhappy OP but please, instead of making a "OMG YOU ARE THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AND I CANT BELIEVE I PLAYED OVER 4000 BATTLES!" post, perhaps you could.... you know, help us out?

If you feel things are so darn bad why not make bullet points detailing what's bad, what you would like it to be and how we could improve it.
Posts like this get locked and cleaned up, m'kay?

SgtFragged #4 Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:01 PM


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U mad bro?

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