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Forum - report checking and moderators work

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Sweetgogoing #1 Posted 01 December 2013 - 01:59 PM

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So here is the situation (I'm just explaining it to give you better feel of the problem. I'm not criticising moderators judgement - it's not about warning itself but the system behind it)

I one of the topics I wrote 2 troll posts

First post was written on 23rd of November, reported immediately and then checked by 5 admins/moderators. How i know it? I was checking last visitors in my profile (so actually its possible that there were more moderators checking that post). Four administrators just passed by, judging that the post is  absolutely allright. Fifth moderator, on 24th November issued me an educational warning and edited the post.

So basically what we see - is a flaw in the system. I report the post and then theoretically infinite amount of moderators will be checking it untill one of them will issue the ban or the warning. Good job WG, efficiency at work at its best.

But watch out, now the really funny part begins.

You have been given a warning
Today, 12:10 PM (1st of December - 8 days later)

What for? For my second post (or actually first, this one above was the second) in that topic, on the previous page.

So right now it doesnt matter if your post was checked even by the almighty Mr_Kubrick himself, you can be still given a warning - even after a year or so.

So what do I propose?

System of checking/ticking. It's simple - implement a tool that would allow moderators to clasify a report as irrelevant (work done, report rejected) or to ask for help from their supervisor (informs supermoderator) if there are any doubts about the regulations. Because now gazzilions of moderators are doing the same work (despite forums being assigned to one or two of them), and also - It's really embarassing to see, that you differ so much in your judgement.

Alm1ghtyArtur #2 Posted 01 December 2013 - 02:33 PM

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It's not the first time the moderators act stupid, 10 moderators reading the thread, everything is ok, and then 1 furious one comes and closes it without any kind of explanation, giving some warning points aswell. I think they get something for certain amount of warning points given.

Also I think the amount of in-game moderators is too high, they're pretty much useless, everything they do is type ''english only on general and companies chat'' and chatban those who write in other language. How about doing a simple notification saying: "english only'' when you open the chat window?

Not to mention that last year I was 3 days chat banned for writing ''merry christmas'', I guess it was spam.

FireflyDivision #3 Posted 01 December 2013 - 02:36 PM


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Maybe they discuss it together, come to a conclusion, and then one of them takes action?

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