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How to throw away a Pools Medal in the E-75

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Iddra #1 Posted 25 December 2013 - 01:41 AM

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Hello everyone today ive had   my saddest game in my whole 6,5k games :( If you are not in tears by the end of this topic there is something wrong with you. )


So, have you ever wondered how is it to throw.. wait no so i was playing my E75 and at the start it was all usual. and by the way if you ever watch that replay that Hummel kill (not) was lag. and then i got 9 kill and lets be honest that was a team! they actually did not shoot that Panther for like a minute! what a rockstars! and then i saw my 10th kill in my eyes i loaded APCR to make sure it goes in and its the side of a Panther 2 so that should go in or wait ! FFFFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSS it bounced! i could not believe but as awesome that team was they let me take another shot and lets be honest it was my fault i rushed a shot and missed the Panther 2 loaded APCR and trashed me 

another thing do you remember that Hummel that i was gonna kill by lagged well even without the panther i'd get 10 kills and a Dimitru's medal im pretty sure its that called. and also when when am i gonna get another opportunity to get 10 kills in the E75? ive played 500 battles in it so id say like a 1000. so that just made my christmas i was smashing everything that i could reach

Merry Christmas everyone i honestly hope that you have a better than I am.




and by the way have a Bonus Code -> WGNY2014 (3 days of prem acc.)

Krizmuz #2 Posted 25 December 2013 - 04:03 AM


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I know that kind of sh1t....still cannot forget my kolobanov+pool-giveaway in VK36 as I couldnt pen a Hetzer and multiple other Kolobanov giveaways.


Your battle come mate.:honoring:

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