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Ten mortal sins of WoT

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Scarlet_Ammo #81 Posted 08 January 2014 - 12:25 PM


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@OP you are correct, game will never be fixed, if it still up in 5years, the kv1-s will still be 1shotting everyone, the t18 will still troll low tiers.


What everyone does NOT understand is this point:


The game is 'free', but the server up time is NOT.  How to make money to support the game/server/devs/staff?  Bingo!


This game is a business.  Like all businesses it requires a model to make money.  Many believe this model means selling premium tanks / premium account = giving the advantage.  Wrong! The model is TO SELL premium accounts and tanks. 

So the problem: How to make make them look good enough to buy? Easy, fix credit earning.  What earns credits?  alpha damage.  ever wonder why, with both tanks stationary and crew at 116%, your shot flies over or hits the ground at 50m despite the dispersion reticle being smaller than your target? Its not lag.


The sooner playstation and xbox gamers become PC gamers and realise that 'free' games online require a garanteed income to remain solvent, the sooner we can all pass the fanboy propoganda that this game isnt credit fixed.  If there was no income fix, then why does it appear in patch notes? Yep, its officially there .... go look, you will need to do some digging.


Enjoy trolling me tyvm. patch notes dont lie.


Business Model Games FTW !  I fully support money making games.

SquitoHUN #82 Posted 08 January 2014 - 01:56 PM


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View PostYuri_Yslin, on 06 January 2014 - 09:34 PM, said:

7. Matchmaking (tier based gameplay) sucks


Especially when you play with a light tank.

eNVee #83 Posted 08 January 2014 - 02:34 PM


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View PostHomer_J, on 06 January 2014 - 10:46 PM, said:


So all bad players should get an equally bad player to fight against? 


What you mean is two teams of maybe 3 decent players who will hide from each other at the end because they know they make one wrong move it will cost the game and the rest cannon fodder?


All good players get punished by having 10 tomatoes on their team, every time?


All bad players get a good player to carry their game? (so even less chance to learn they are bad)


Or teams of all bad players fight all bad players and progress through the tiers as fast as good players without learning anything because they never see a good player?


I don't think you thought it through.


Completely agree with this and your previous post here. There are too many people who focus on things they think to be bad/unbalanced.


If it was my wish - I would limit players ability to advance past the tier 5 (scouts tier 3) until one reaches WGs performance XXXX. Let's say 6000 - 6500. Not sure, if this would be good from all points of view, but I guess it would. 

wapdap #84 Posted 08 January 2014 - 08:03 PM


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good topic i agree on everything

four me idont even want to go to tier X!

to boring te even get there. the game start to get boring at tier VIII.

when i play i play lower tiers up to VII

and tier 8 only in team batles

for me your point 6 and 7 are the worst!! the randomnes and the MM

i am sometimes in games that 1 team has like 100000 games on there names whil and the other teamhas  like 10000 games

thats not balanced not even close! those games hardly teak 5 min and its done.  its like a tier I against a tier III

this happens a lot. and if your Lucky you are 15 games in a row the loser..... you can fight like hell it will make no difference

what i also dislike is that your ammo rack or your loader is killed with the first hit you resive

this happens in seven out of ten first hits.

its a massive mood killer 4 me.


thanks for the upload and i hope that WG does something with it.


ps english is not my native language and i dont like grammar.


Sunpawz #85 Posted 09 January 2014 - 09:46 AM


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I disagree with no follow-up points to why I disagree.

ACE_FIN1972 #86 Posted 09 January 2014 - 04:13 PM


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Off-topic my [edited], can't be more actual than this....

Vestrick64 #87 Posted 12 January 2014 - 12:47 PM

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Still offtopic, but still actual, I guess :X


I have no idea what's with this "propaganda of success" moderation, because every game has flaws, and mentioning them should make devs work on making a better game.


Oh well.

Dr_Oolen #88 Posted 13 January 2014 - 05:31 PM


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i agree with every single point, well written

MkH #89 Posted 30 January 2014 - 03:34 PM


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View PostMerdis, on 06 January 2014 - 10:57 PM, said:

1.There is end-game in WoT, it is called Clan Wars. Try it and you will probably change your opinion about game totally.




There should be better rewards for CW though. Yeah you get a little bit of gold and an occasional unique tank, but for the time and effort it takes from a clan as whole to be succesful in CW, the rewards are very small.

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