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How to raise my win percentage - please, read, and help! Thank you!

win victory percentage pro rating

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zgodnifeldmarshall #1 Posted 16 January 2014 - 02:43 PM


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Before you start reading this thread, get yourself some popcorn, because it will be quite a long read (in other words, I'll sum my WoT career in this thread :D ). Please, post constructive replies. Thank you!


This will be as honest as it can be from my side!

This will be from statistical point of view.


So, it all began in on 16th September, 2013. A friend of mine showed me, and told me to download the game, and it took me full weekend to download 5.6 GBs of it. Obviously, I started playing on 18th September :happy:. I decided to go for Tiger I tank, so I took, I dare to say, a harder route to get to it; I went scout line, i.e. to Pz. 38 (t), Pz. 38 (nA), Pz. IV, etc.


If I am to look now how I played back then, I'd be laughing my [edited]off. I was sniping with scouts, I didn't know crap... though there were EXACTLY two battles I'll always remember with 38 (nA), when I sneaked into enemy base, and capped them in tier8 battles! One tanker called me Hero!!

After I hit Panzer 4, I saw all the frustrations I had with opposing KV-1s and KV-1Ss, as well as having frustrations with howitzer on my Pz4. I remember I once one-shotted another Pz4 in Sand River with howitzer, and that was all the damage I did in that battle. Every other shell that landed on enemy vehicle, no matter where it landed, in that battle resulted in my commander saying, "That one bounced, [edited]!"


So, I decided to start anew, with Soviet tanks that lead to KV-1S and it's mighty derp gun. This happened sometime in early to mid-October. Around the time I was playing KV-1, I decided to start searching the forums, as well as to click the "Service Record" tab. When I clicked it, at first I didn't mind the stats there(frankly, I didn't know what they were saying in the first place). But, when I decided to REALLY read those stats, I was somewhat surprised to see how actually I sucked. My win percentage was 43%, my survival percentage was barely 22%, all the tanks I had, kill/death ratio was in the latter's favor, except on KV-1 and KV-1S :biggrin:. Then I read about website called, NoobMeter. I visited it, and my WN7 and other ratings were rated at "Bad" and "Below avg.".

 Then and there, I decided I'll start using my brain, as well as start new tank line. You guessed it - it was Soviet TD line! (goal was ISU :wub:)


And so, fast forward to one week before the New Year, my stats were, more or less following: 50,27% wins, a little under 27% survived battles, and "Ace Tanker" from SU-85B to Obj. 268(excluding ISU, with which I got my Ace on my 540th battle one week ago. I must also say that Ace on 268 was undeserved one[I can provide replay of it]). My WN7 and other ratios went to "Above average".


And this is where things started to go downhill :wacko:[when we stop the "fast forward" mentioned above]. It was the last Saturday of 2013. If I remember correctly, date was 28th? I know I even made a thread about it on boards. I managed to do something I never did since I started to play this game: I racked some 9 defeats in a row, a then personal best. I know I was, judging by my own expertise, playing in the same class I was playing before "downhill" started. On my Object 704, on Sand River in defeat, I managed to deal 6.3k damage and take 3 enemy tanks out; more than doubling following player's stats for that battle. That was one of my best shows I had in my WoT career.
After a few more defeats, on one battle in Caucasus(Mountain Pass is the name ingame? ), one Rhm.-B WT was also complaining about having 4 defeats in row, and even "threatened" and predicted following: "threat" was, if he sees any more "Siemka" S-word and if we lose, he's gonna post replay and names of the players who were on losing team to Reddit. Prediction was the result of 4,5 - 15 score. He was right about prediction, it was 4-15 for opposing team(said Rhm was first on our damage list; a little over 2.2k, I was following with 1.7k - there were tier 10 tanks in that battle). I'm not sure if "threat" part ever saw daylight, as I'm not visiting Reddit.


Ever since that Saturday, I'm [edited] STAGNATING! Do you know what friendzone is? Those of you who are pumping iron, do you know what plateus is? First part of the answer to those questions is different, but last part of the answer is the same: "once you get there, it's very difficult, if not impossible to go past it!!!!!". That's what happened to me in WoT - you could say I got friendzoned by it.

I can't go past 50.25% won battles. Hell, bad streak continued; I once dropped to 49.96%. It came to the point when I started asking myself, "Why the [edited]am I playing the game at all?!"


Somehow, on the turn of the year, I managed to bring win % back to solid 50.2%. Then, I started to platoon with at the start mentioned friend, both of us using tier6 and above tanks. I played mainly with Hummel, IS, ISU(to bring back win percentage, which on few occasions wasn't necessary), a stock Tiger I, IS-3, GW Panther. I'll be modest, honest and arrogant - there were battles where I was most useful player on our team, and where I was absolute crap(there was also "golden middle" :happy::happy::happy::happy:. However, rate between most useful : most useless is minimum 5:1 for most useful(I pretty much suck in GW Panther - Hummel is immeasurably better, GW's top gun isn't as precise as Hummel's). This applies to all the tanks I was playing. Yet, on one day, actually one afternoon, between 1900 and 2200 hours, we racked record 11 defeats in a row. Friend's win percentage dropped by over 1%! I could go to details about specific battles, but that would make me sole criticizer, which would display me as an ideal player, which I am not, so I'll refrain from that.


So, we were asking ourselves on Skype, after literally emptying heaven with new arrays of swearing words, was that bad streak, and in general, more defeats than victories a day, our fault? Or was it our teammates? Or was it both? I very often get numerous suiciders scouts; almost every battle begins with the destruction of our scout. Platoon of three tanks, two of them being tier 3 or lower, and last being tier 4 scout, are not rarity. Yesterday, for example, 3 tier 7 tanks probably raced each other to cap in Sacred Valley Encounter, and of course, died in first 100 seconds of the same game, along with a scout. When I typed this observation in chat, one of them started with nationalist insults and mentioning mom, to which I, then in a state of deep rage, retaliated by mentioning his sister.

I also came across few (don't remember how many) other players, who were complaining they also had record losing streak; one ISU, in particular, said he had over 20 defeats in a row. His stats were 55% win, 33% survived. This is just for statistics:biggrin:

I will also add that I sometime also displayed characteristics of noob: going somewhere "alone" after I first saw teammate coming with me, and then not noticing he went back until it was too late(for that I am blaming myself). Oh, and rushing with IS, aswell!


Last but not least, I'll go to questions(even though I'm out of any mature question):
- What happened? 

Until 3 weeks ago, everything was going so smooth, I believed I could have achieved my goal by 4000 fought battles mark: minimum 51-52% battles won, 29-30% battles survived. Yet when I hit 4000th battle, I was a few percentages behind?! :blink::blink::blink::blink: I'm not very fond of statistics, but good stats will get me somewhere and my word in-game will mean something!

Do I suck so hard? Am I the one who actually doesn't know how to play the game?

Usually, before 30 sec counter ends, I am telling (and yelling to) my team to kill the scout, because if we kill it, it gives us local advantage. Sometimes they kill it, sometimes they do not (middle Prokhorovka, under hill in Karelia Assault), and in case of the latter, we usually get sniped, and scout proceeds to our arty, while we turn to scout(yes, me included), who then always manages to evade our shots. Later, when we're about to get annihilated, our destroyed heavies complain why we didn't take the scout out.

Should I try new tank line?

I'm getting idea I should go for new tank line, specifically, the French meds[seems a tad over overestimated, doesn't it] (as I'm not experienced in meds), USA's heavies (t11e5, although I started the t57 line, and looking at that tank tree, it's pretty tough grind to get?). I'm also having second thoughts on GW Panther, as it is completely inferior to Hummel, even though I had only like 30 battles in it :unsures:

- For those experienced, and for those who have experienced this, if you have: What would you do in my place?

Do you think this is temporary? Do you think this is just a phase that has come, but looks like it won't go in the near? Please, I'm getting desperate, feeling like a third wheel in this game at the moment.




Thank you for your time!


Best regards.


.:EDIT:. - editor automatically censored swear words :(


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Rakija_1 #2 Posted 16 January 2014 - 04:04 PM

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- just scoped your stats...first thing that sticks out is sniper medals...25 snipers in 4k+ battles is kinda low


- you need to stop rushing and wasting your shots,learn to be more patient and pick your shots

- more shots land=more damage=more enemys dead=more wins for you=more xp

- try to set a goal for yourself..for example "before i die i will do damage to my enemy equal and/or more than HP of a tank i drive",simply make them pay for killing you and "i need to survive 7 min. mark before i die",more of your team alive better chance you have at wining the game (in theory)


- other stats are okish and you are improving,this is just from top of my head others will notice other things


( i am also in the "zone" atm. dancing 54,50-55%....this is not my first time like this..it happens from time to time and it will in future for people that dont have raw talent in this game and have to play it to learn it)



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del502150176 #3 Posted 16 January 2014 - 06:41 PM


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Buy an account with better stats on e-Bay :tongue:

Hank_m #4 Posted 18 January 2014 - 02:18 PM


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If you are into stats, my advice would be not to play arty too much, many games where you just can't seem to hit and many where the team collapses too fast.

If you want to go down the medium line I would suggest Russian (the one leading to t62a and 140, my suggestion would be going trough kv13 since you probably have it unlocked by now) and American (the one leading to the Patton) lines first as they are quite forgiving.

Plus, each time you buy a new tank try searching for guides and tips for that tank before you play it.

Also don't know which mods you are using, I recommend you install xvm, that way you can see which players have great stats, and you can watch them play after you die... I remember once watching a 2 man platoon of KAZNA players getting 14 kills only because last arty did suicide =) after watching great players play, you are bound to pick up something. And win rate will go up once you play better, it's a simple correlation.

And also, if you prefer watching videos than read and think (I don't), just download videos (http://wotreplays.com) from tanks you are interested in on various maps, you can sort out the replays based on experience and that can give you a basic idea on what is needed for a great game.

c0mr4d3 #5 Posted 18 January 2014 - 05:47 PM


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dude,i think my life of wot is just like yours...i was very noob at beginning,i didnt even know tanks types(light,heavies etc)and i only play "good-looking" tank or tanks that looks cool and in my case is Hellcat(i love it) and it was my first tier 6 and still playing it,but after i watch replays and a couple of readings,i begin to know how this game works...and to work on your win rate just do your best, do as much damage as u can and u need to focus on that specific tank for example(dont play heavies and then after u lose u picked up a light tank and then other types of tanks and so on...),understand the tanks behavior and how to play with it,it really helps me alot...:smile:

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