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Scout with MT-25 in a Tier 10 battle?

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azakow #21 Posted 25 March 2014 - 02:36 PM


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welcome to LT gameplay.

  • do not compete with MT9+ for spotting
  • tell your team where to expect targets during countdown
  • survive as long as possible
  • remain hidden (unseen) for as long as possible
  • identify your weak flank early and support your local HT/TD
  • retreat to other spotters location is always an option
  • show battlefield awareness at all times


this applies to all maps


you were asking about

himmelsdorf: play a distractive force, remain hidden and be a surprise, which jumps into an ongoing fight in order to block or shoot at the opponents.

make use of the bushes on the rails for passive spotting.


lakeville south spawn: the middle path offers two suitable bushes for spotting, they may seem to small, but there are not.

lakeville north spawn: the middle offers one bush to do spotting, mostly during encounter mode again do not compete for spotting with MT


no bushes for spotting on siegfried line? apply procedures above


no bushes on mountain pass?

apply procedures above

very difficult map south spawn spot middle all that goes east


mount a gun with high penetration, fast shells, and high RoF i use the ZIS-4 and APCR. damage is low, module danage is high (cripples may have alot of HP, but can't fight as good)

mount and use binos

mount and use camo net, for supportive ninja sniping gameplay

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conductiv #22 Posted 16 April 2014 - 04:04 AM

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light tanks in general are quite challenging. what I noticed is that most light tanks with a fully trained camo crew have the ability to remain unseen up to 300m in the open while moving. and scouts can usually spot moving targets at ~400m when they have optics


in open maps not riddled with rocks and hills (something WG is currently real good at is remodeling "open" maps to include more hills and cover) you might be able to get a 300m gap between you and the enemy, but in most maps its simply impossible as the next rock is 100-200m out.


so, foliage hopping it is. inside a bush a light tank is really hard to detect, often requiring tanks to practically drive into the vehicle (<100m) to see them. the problem is bridging the 200m gap to the bush...as before you get there, the no-mans-land is where the enemy tanks can see you. and naturally, you need a bush..if there are no usable bushes and all ranges are extremely short like in some city maps you can kiss stealth goodbye.

if the foliage is dense..aka a magic forest, the light tanks high camo might allow it to detect enemies at a slightly longer range then autodetect range. this shows that when enemies are inside single-line foliage, you will have no chance to spot stationary enemies before they spot you, so its pretty hard to break the prokarovka forest line TD camp, but a lot easier to clean murovanka's magic forest (provided enemy tanks in the forest have low camo, like large TD's and heavies, a single light or high camo TD near the edge and your advantage is gone)


if stealth is not a option, light tanks lose from all other tank classes as the only real benefit they have is the high camo on the move that allows them to hop from concealment to concealment. and its down to strategies like ninja-capping and trying to slip past the lines to the vulnerable SPG's, suicide bum-rushing, to try and trade your life for (several) high valeu vehicles like camping TD's or medium style flanking if the gun allows one to do so.


overall I havn't gotten lights to work that well yet, games are either "okay" or abysmal. and I rarely feel like I have a significant impact on the match outcome. as they simply aren't that good at breaking camps as I'd have hoped.

Hedgehog1963 #23 Posted 21 April 2014 - 10:39 AM

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♠For much of my career in WoT I played the T-50 and T-50-2 for entire evenings at a time.  Back then artillery was common so you had both something to spot for and something to hunt.  My goal was always to penetrate to where the enemy artillery is and either kill them myself (which is why I have18 Pascucci's medals and I also have 169 scout badges) or bring down the fire of my artillery on them.♠ 


Now Artillery is less prevalent and life is not so good.  Then they practically nerfed the T-50 out of the game and replaced theT-50-2 completely.  Best soviet scout is now the A-20 for all it's failings. 


Trick is to forget your gun.  Light up the enemy. Get sixth sense and camo and sneak up on TDs if there is no artillery to scout for or to go after. If you keep the TDs lit up for your team you can make the difference,


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