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wg please have mercy!

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HundeWurst #1 Posted 27 January 2014 - 04:39 PM


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wg please!


plz 2 wins out of 12 games?!?

this is so frustrating :deer:


cant you even out this? yes i have great days as well but this is just insane?!

so much fun in 2 /12 yeah so much... cant you even that out so i come at least close to my average win rate every day? sometimes a bit higher sometimes a bit lower?


honestly this just kills ALL the fun... also this absurd rng from time to time? tanks must be like 10 times less accurate on the move. i miss 4 shots in a row  with full aimed leo 1 gun but then a yoloing is6 shots me over 500 meters druing fullspeed and hits me.

something like this shoulöd just not be possible to happen. this rewards donkeys way to much.

Askorti #2 Posted 27 January 2014 - 04:44 PM

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And what exactly is the point of this thread? I see none.

BrokenWing #3 Posted 27 January 2014 - 04:44 PM

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And what do you propose WG should do?


Give your account, and your account only, some stat-boosting power that means you start one-shotting tanks, winning all the time and generally have an easy time of it?


If you're losing so often, it can't always just be the fail team mates, the bad MM, the OP tanks, the server glitching.


At some point the buck stops with you.


Loss streaks will happen, they're not the end of the world, and you wouldn't be on the forum complaining about winning 10 out of 12 games would you?


Just keep playing, trying to get better (this is a competitive game after all) and the wins should eventually outnumber the losses over a long period of time.


If you're any good.

WHY_ARE_YOU_READING_THIS #4 Posted 28 January 2014 - 09:00 AM


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you want to win ?

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