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The only true measure of your playing ability

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HFox #1 Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:24 PM


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......are the in game comments you get :)


Complex mathematics and subroutines are all fallible, This method is far more accurate and based on immediate audience reaction. If you ever see these messages in game, please use them to rate your game play:


Player rating - In game 'compliment'


Poor - "Stay alive", "WTF are you doing there"


Below average - "Don't suicide", "This isn't an encounter battle"


These two levels of play seem to attract little or no abuse or references to bodily parts, just bemusement


Average - "Noob", "lamer", "camper"  < these remarks are generally bandied around too freely to warrent much weight of your game play>


Above average - "****ing noob", "premium player", "Gold spammer", "Reported" (for killing someone on opposition)


Good - "Gold plated noob", "******* cheat", "lamer cheat", "wallet warrior", "dollar player", "Reporting you as I know a game dev nehnehnehnehneh!"


Very good - "Cheating hacker" or "Lame hacker", "Gold ammo WTF"(any refernce to you only being able to cause damage to THEM through the use of gold ammo) "Reported for being a hacker (or any weak threat for an official WoT smackdown)", "stronk gold noob toon"


Excellent - "I am sleeping with your sister", "Going to report you for hacking, you lamer cheat", "You hacker cheat ....where do you live?", "Sending email to Serb you hacker cheat ****"


Uber - "I am sleeping with your mother", "going to find you and ..... "(and all they would do is 'look angrilly at you' .....as most desk warriors threatening violence would have trouble escaping from a paper bag), *PM* 'A follow up personal message complimenting you on your playing ability'


Unicom - "I am sleeping with your mother and sister" *PM multiples* 'More than one follow up personal message from more than one player complimenting you on your playing ability'




If you have played less than 5 000 games - elevate two levels
If you have played less than 10 000 games - elevate one level
If you have played more than 15 000 games - reduce one level
If you have played more than 20 000 games - reduce two levels


Abuse from a clan member - reduce one level as those clan members abusing are generally below average or poor players


If you are under 16 and reading this - ignore those horrible people and ask mummy what they mean.



The general rules are:

1. three compliments from one player of the same level will move you to the next level, e.g. 3 x Noob will move you to above average

2. two compliments from differing players in the same game will move you up a level, e.g. player A and player b complimenting you once will move you up a level

3. Any compliment from a clan member counts double in working out 1. and 2 above. E.g. two clan members abusing you in the same game will move you up two playing levels using multiplier 2. above. E.g. One of "Gold plated noob", "******* cheat", "lamer cheat", from two clan players will move you to Excellent as a player


Hope this provided amusement and was read in the way in was intended......you lamer noobs :)

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_Antipathy #2 Posted 27 January 2014 - 08:06 PM

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GemmaLou #3 Posted 28 January 2014 - 12:41 AM

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i got called gold noob and someone said he was a developer and would ban me so i must be good :p

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