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Sometimes, there's a bit too much complaining..

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Desyatnik_Pansy #1 Posted 01 February 2014 - 02:49 AM


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..so why not share some awesome experiences? I don't just mean awesome scores, awesome amounts of kills or stuff like that; do try to include games that you perhaps just thought were downright epic; hell even if it's a loss. For what it's worth, I actually find that just meeting decent players makes for a brilliant match which no matter how badly it went, I can leave the battle with a smile on my face rather than an angry scowl.


Let's start off with how well today has been going for myself. Recent days I have barely been playing, just lacking the enthusiasm; alongside terrible losses, I've been playing like a drunktard and I don't mean that in a good way. But today, I just haven't found a reason to be angry; sure I've had a few bad games but those are brushed aside by the fun I've had.


First game; Pz. II, Province, Tier II Match (except for a lone NC-31 On my team). Game started off a bit sour; fella on the enemy team said "salut" and got yelled at by a Loyd GC On my team; I told him off for that, and a conversation with a Chi-Ni and an enemy T18 Ensued. As the game went slowly, the conversation spared boredom from ensuing. I give a few hints to the Chi-Ni as his positioning wasn't amazing (mine wasn't either; couldn't hit a thing since most of them were out of range) and he thanked me for that. After the game began to get stale and slower than before, I offered to scout; since I knew or atleast had an idea of where the enemies were. The team told me "Good luck and Godspeed!" as I went on a scouting run, and I received some amazing aid from them (compared to how most scouting runs end).

Alas, I died. T18 To the face, if I must explain it. But wait? That T18 Just got a Top Gun because of me? Ah the lucky sod! Congratulations to him! But wait, there's more; I actually began a nice conversation with the T18. He told us "Good game!" and the lot, and I told him too. While normally I have harsh feelings towards "sealclubbers", primarily in T18s, this guy whom admitted to the latter I could consider a friend. Game ends in a win.


A few games pass and nothing special happens. I still have a smile on my face, and have been enjoying the day. I know; let's throw out my KV-1S. Tier IV-VI Game, Malinovka. A Hellcat platoon asks for a minimum of 3 People to help them at A0; I tell them; "Can't promise you a golden ticket."; noting that I'm using the 85mm, not the 122mm, and that I'm also not the best with my tank or at the game. A conversation with the two of them ensues, a fun one at that! We take the hill quite successfully, they get congratulated by a KV-1S On the enemy team and I offer my tank as a scout to help the two of them; and it works out well. "Golden ticket, here I come!", cracks one of the Hellcats, as we push into the enemy base. Another KV-1S In our path; no matter, I offer myself as bait once more, taking the hit from his 122mm so that the Hellcats have a chance against him; I even score the kill. Alongside the support of the Hellcats, as well as other teammates, we quickly wipe out the stragglers while I struggle to huddle against the KV-1S' wreck for cover, as I am now on just above 100 Health. Again, the Hellcats come to my rescue!

"I owe you that golden ticket!", I laugh. Driving into their base, with only two Tier IV's left, we do easily brush them aside; with one of the Hellcats sadly perishing in a blaze of glory against the enemy Matilda. No matter, I avenge him.


A few more games, a few more losses; and I still have a smile! The hell is wrong with me! Even dying as the first man on my team, a usually distasteful death and one that normally comes with great regret, and yet I laugh it off, tell everyone to have a good one, and continue on my merry way. The final game I will describe comes now.

M10 Wolverine, Tier V-VI Game, Swamp (I believe that is the name, my apologies otherwise). Game starts, and we already score a kill on a St.Pz. II Within seconds; looking good now! Suddenly; an ARL 44 Appears before our eyes, and in the open with his side exposed; oh now he's just acting like cooked chicken! As I line up my sights and fire, the rest of us on the hill do the same thing; 5-6 Guns firing at once! My ears, gah! But the sight of a Tier VI Heavy; THEIR top tier, with 820 Health, dying in mere seconds. Oh the joy! 

Game goes quite well leading up to the final few enemies. A SU-100 and ARL V39, vs. me, a SU-100, a StuG III, a Pz. Sfl IVc and our two SPGs. I have an idea of where they are, know  they're on full health and know that they actually could win this, so I'm cautious. Suddenly, I notice our StuG Pushing to their base! The bugger is going alone? Not on my watch! As we approach, the StuG Takes a hit from the SU-100, but he isn't packing the 122mm, and fails to one-shot him. Suddenly, the ARL Appears as well. I fire at him, penning him three times; which he decides is enough, throwing his sights off of the StuG and firing at me, while our SU-100 Takes out the ARL From a distance! Haha, the joys of proper teamwork; if baiting is considered even that! Now the SU-100 Is probably still aiming at the StuG, I'll flank him, I think. No, wait! He's aiming at me and is now coming for me; I hope my driver isn't drunk! As he drifts a corner, our SU-100 Again nails him frontally; which causes him to stop and try to aim for him instead; "Oh no you don't!", I yell as I fire into his front and kill him. Suddenly, both our SPGs shots land in front of me; haha! The buggers almost nailed me instead!




Oh boy, what a day. I call it quits, close WoT and sit here for a minute just thinking how great it was. I've had some pretty amazing days, but when I say that, most of them came down to my own personal scores and whatnot. But today; I had a smile on my face the entire time! Even during losses, even during games where RNG Works against me and I just can't hit a thing, I've just kept it there. 

GREAT Thanks to those tankers who made this day for me a good one; who knows, maybe they're on the forums, that would be something! :veryhappy:







Very sorry for the long read, but hey, some things just can't be small. So yeah, go ahead you sappy tankers, give us a hint of your own great games!

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