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del514366876 #1 Posted 05 February 2014 - 01:39 PM


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Hello there :smile:


First of all: I am from Germany, so I`m sorry if my english isn`t good enough ;)



Currently I play WOT on my Medion Akoya Laptop.

I play with the lowest graphic settings and I get 15 FPS if I am lucky.


Now I wanna buy a new PC which can run WOT with more than 30 FPS on medium (or even high) graphic. I found 2 PCs which could fit, but I do not have enough knowledge with that, so I ask you :hiding:


1.PC : http://www.notebooks...0gb hdd 8gb ram



HM24 GamingPC AMD A8 5600K, 1000GB HDD, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7560, WIN7



2.PC : http://www.notebooks...6gb gt 630 win7




HM24 GamingPC AMD FX 6100 1000 GB 16GB GT 630 Win7





Will I be able to play WOT on medium (or high) graphic with more than 30 FPS?



Kind Regards!

Sapaki #2 Posted 05 February 2014 - 01:58 PM


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These PCs are beasts for this games specs. As far as I know they will cope with med/high settings @30 fps no problems.


Only question is that with the new patches (some tanks are likely getting "HD" textures), the weakest one (the second one that is), might struggle a bit more than the first one.


Nevertheless, while the eye candy is good, you must keep the detail as low as you can (except textures) with the new engine (with the old engine there are a lot of clipping problems as the ground is detailed with less polygons as it should), in order to have maximum clarity when you play. Less detail=simpler graphics => clearer and easier to see anything. I would therefore opt for low settings on new engine and get 100+ fps (anyhting above 100 is usually useless as most common monitors have 100Hz refresh rate).


Another point, is buy a monitor as large as you can get your hands on. The bigger resolution you have the better, as you will have a wider field of vision for the same zoom level. The higher the definition of your monitor (usually higher definition => wider screen), the more things you will see around you => better situational awareness. I think 1080p @ 23 inches is the minimum for this game. 

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Lil_Chewieezy #3 Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:02 PM


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Both are lacking at different things, the first has a decent GPU, while the 2nd is almost useless for gaming, but has a better CPU.


The choice is easy for gaming, the first one hands down, shame the CPU isn't as good as the 2nd tho.

demon_tank #4 Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:03 PM

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Both rigs are fine for 30-40 fps in med+ graphics.


My advice. use lower graphics. why ? even in lower settings the visual quality is fine plus u get a significantly buffed fps (i get 100 in my pc which i assembled in 2009). second reason. max settings distract you from the game itself. you focus too much on the stanning graphic effects and forget to pay attention to what matters which is the enemy tanks and not the landscape sightseeing etc. once more i need to emphasize the importance of high fps. 100 fps feels SUPER DUPER EXTRA ULTRA smooth. if you play at 100 fps u wont be able to go back to 30. (not to mention lower than 30 which a lot of people think is fine at 20-25 fps. trust me it isnt.) 100 fps makes you a better player. just have a standard mouse keyboard and mouse pad and you ll have an advantage on players with 20-40 fps. you ll run smooth they wont.


bottom line go for low settings with a decent pc/laptop and you re a winner. (unless you like to be dazzled & amazed by beautiful bushes and reflections while you take shells in the face.  :teethhappy:)

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xxlguru #5 Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:54 PM


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I do not understand any claims made if we do not know what screen you are going to use.


One can say you will use full HD resolution and then one can make educated guess but still it is important to know what screen will be used.


To play games almost any newer CPU will do. Even 2 cores CPU will do fine.

Crucial thing is a grafic card.


Both of those system have saved money on graphic cards. Like 4 to 8 GB RAM will do good 16 is not needed but better GPU is always welcome.


With grafic cards you can go AMD/Ati way or Nvidia way. If you are about to use screen with 1080p resolution (1920x1080 pixel) I would go for AMD HD7870 or R9 270X or Nvidia GTX760. Sure you can go with lower cards but then you will lose on detail settings. This cards are optimal and will bring optimal FPS. 30 FPS might be enough but 30 to 60 FPS is better.


Go for better GPU and you will be able to use maximum details. R9 280X is sweet spot. GTX 770 will do great to. With this cards any game will run in maximum or at almost maximum settings.


Anything more than that is a overkill for such screen/monitor.


Then again if you want to use monitors with 1440p or 1600p or 4K you will need more GPU power and CPU power will become an issue.


Also any new system will work 10x faster if you gett a SSD for operating system. 120 GB SSD like Samsung 840 Evo will cost like 85 euro and will do a miricle.


If you get Intel system you will even be able to cache your HDD and make one drive out of SSD and HDD resulting in fast and big hard disk.


So Gamers system should be like:


2 cores or better CPU


Gaming Graphinc card

big enough Power supply

Good ventilated case.

Good mouse and keybard 

Good monitor

Good headphones.


Although WoTdoes not support multi threading two cores are needed to prevent system holding off your game.


So many people get like branded PC with some i3 or i5 CPU add an SSD and Grafic card. This way they get 400 euro system and invest 300 more for SSD and GPU. Resulting in excellent Gaming PC. Very fast loading times (from SSD).


For little bit less money option to get such system (with onboard GPU) and adding just 160 euro Graphic card is good option on low budget to.


Something like this:



add this:




Cheap trick.


Belnick666 #6 Posted 05 February 2014 - 03:20 PM

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I have never been a fan  amd cpu, I know they are better now and does not burn up instantaneously if the fan stops like they did before :trollface:
I would advice http://www.notebooks... i5 4440 142310  and perhaps ask about a graphic card upgrade, or change the grafic card later on

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Belnick666 #7 Posted 06 February 2014 - 12:09 AM

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that question is something you have to ask someone who own that PC, I can't give you an est. on the FPS, but my old pc, very old, i7, 5970, 12k ram at 1600mhz runs wot easy, 40-120 fps at max settings
40 came with last patch, never dipped below 60 before
Is WoT the only game you gonna play with it ?

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