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What names do you give your tanks?

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Commander_Chris #1 Posted 23 February 2014 - 10:55 AM

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I don't know about you, but the tanks that I'm keeping (look at my signature) usually have names that I give them. I would like to know yours!


Here are some of mine:

Stug III - Sting

Grille - Raptor

T1 Cunningham - Devastator

T18 - Hunter

Churchill III - The Rapid

T-150 - Bull

S-51 - Unicorn (of course :trollface:)

IS-3 - Cobra


And finally, in my clan, all of us who have TOG II*'s give it a name starting with H.M.S

For example, one member of my clan called his HMS Fat Lady Sings

And mine is HMS Ramshead


What's yours?


Sikalisko #2 Posted 23 February 2014 - 12:56 PM


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Aufkl. Panther: Autspanther (Eng. Ouch-Panther) because both of its good ramming capabilities and lacking of armor despite its huge size.

Leichtractor: Leikkitrakrori (Eng. playing tractor/ toy tractor. Google image search) Actually I'm pretty confident an actual toy tractor was used as a reference when designing that tank. This also sounds better than loltractor to Finnish ear.

Leopard (all of them): Kelopard or kelopardi, because it sounds childish to mispronounce it like that, which gives extra humour value to play or engage those tanks.

Lots of other slightly bastardized names for both maps and tanks as well but nothing worth mentioning.

This kind of naming (and shaming those poor tanks :teethhappy:) is probably different of what you meant but decided to post anyways. 


PS: Just think about my poor clan and platoon mates who have to listen to my bastardized names and terms match after another :trollface:

_Antipathy #3 Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:00 PM

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I don't give them names, like my cat (doesn't have a name since 4 years).

Krogenator #4 Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:55 PM

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My Leichtractor is called "Bismarck" and it has set fire to IS-3's, it has killed KV-1S's and it has rained terror on way to many seals.

Bragging about the mighty Bismarck


My KV-2 I call "King Derp" enemy KV-2 I call "oh crap".

S35 CA has always been and will always be the bathtub.

My Pz.IV is called "Faust" (as in panzerfaust).

JT88 is called "money printer".

All TOG II* is called "TOG !! <3" because who does not love a good TOG.

AT2 I call "driving fortress" because it is the best tier 5 heavy tank...it is a heavy tank right? turret less heavy?

Enemy Birch gun is normally called "Bit*h Gun".

T1E6 is called "brawler".

ISU-152 I call "BL-10" if it has it and "poor bas**rd" if it doesn't .

Pz.Ic is known as "machine gun".

SU-152 is "rolling thunder".

IS-8 is called "Medium tank IS" or "Medi IS" for short.

And all jap tanks I call Chi-Chi up to tier 8.

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