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World of Wizardry - Magical Tankage

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Ghostly_Poltergeist #1 Posted 26 February 2014 - 08:27 PM


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I was playing WOT the other night, and whilst I was playing I was watching Harry Potter, when something suddenly made me thing OMG, World of Tanks and Quidditch are almost the exact same thing


Let’s start with the objects of both games:


The Golden Snitch = Gold Ammo

Everybody really wants it yet only a certain few can ever enjoy the great effects of the stuff. Where the normal Quaffle only trikes the broomsticks the Snitch can knock any player out and off his flying broom in I shot very much like Gold Ammo


Quaffle = Regular Silver Ammo

Does mild damage and can alter games but both have one thing in common it gets the job done yet its nothing special.


Arty Ammunition = Bludgers

Both massive objects made from hard lead and steel that can prove to very deadly in any game mode, weather in Random Team Battle or in the World Quidditch Cup


The Players

We have the following


Seekers = Scouts

Most definitely the most important player in any game, quick fast maneuverable and quickly makes a detrimental impact upon the end outcome of any game weather it is quickly spotting the hole of the enemy team /capturing the base or delivering the Snitch to the Goal


Chasers = Tanks

These guys are the main work horses of any game, they’re job is quite simply to get the job done, they play in a variety of different ways, yet without them no game would exist.


Beaters = Artillery

Well weather it is bludgeoning someone over the head with a wooden bat or by a very large artillery shell, you never see these guys coming and if you do its too late…


Keepers = Tank Destroyers

These guys are there sitting in the back lines protecting and aiding any game they’re job is to stop advancing tanks from capping or stopping the Snitch from reaching the hoop.


The Vehicles


Weather a 2kg piece of enchanted wizard wood or 18 tonnes of brute steel; they come in all sorts of shape sizes and appearance.


Comets and Cleansweeps = Regular Tanks

These guys get the job done they’re available for everybody to use and can be useful in any game mode (any muggle can use and harness the powers of these beauties)


Nimbus 2000 and Firebolt = premium Tanks

These guys are the girl next door broomstick quick greatly powerful and come with a range of advantages. Not for the faint hearted and many muggle will never touch many of them yet they are regarded by some as magical and enchanting.

I have always thought there was something strange about that TOG, mystical in its long length as its slithers over the battlefield, maybe we might find the slitheryn team camping inside.


Weather you part of a secretive Clan and taking part in World of Tanks competitions and tournaments or your engaging in the International Quidditch World Cup, happy gaming and remember, Harry Potter may be lurking around every corner…..


Happy Gaming from me ....

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