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More WoT players that also play EVE Online?

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superfly2000 #1 Posted 02 March 2014 - 05:19 AM


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Thought to plug this cute game a bit. First off I want to kill a myth about EVE which is you HAVE to be a hardcore player. I play it very casually actually and mostly for when I want to relax from WoT. Unforunately I lost interest in it a bit as I know very few people who play it at the moment.


Perhaps some of the WoT players here also play this game and would like to goof of in EVE also at times?


If you are interested to learn about EVE I could also provide some starting help through teamspeak/headset. Been playing for a year or so, had account for a couple of years. Not a veteran compared to other players from EVE but I still think I have managed to learn quite many aspects of the game.


EVE is interesting for many reasons. It is probably the game that has come the furthest in creating a living breathing world and economy. The "meta"-game is huge. What this means is you can actually play EVE without actually even starting up the EVE program...doh. Talking about EVE is actually a way to play it. I'll explain more if you want.


EVE is a sci-fi game which is pretty open. There are many professions. Miner, Trader, Pirate, Salvager, Industrialist, Mission runner, Freighter, Military specialist, Explorer....are just a few. Naturally there are as many meta-professions you can think of. Selling information can earn you credits in the game for example. No limit basically.


As EVE is a fairly complex game I actually find it a good challange and I consider knowing about EVE is almost a must for any self proclaimed gamer. It is a beautiful game also. Personally I think the combat system is not the most fun but like I said...there are lots of other things here as well. Also the multiplayer capability and/or necesity is not the best but some aspects of the game can still be fairly enjoyable to experience together. As I am mostly a social kind of gamer I am trying to find more players to do this with.


Contact me or write here if you are interested in playing (or Learning) EVE.

typhaon #2 Posted 02 March 2014 - 07:57 AM

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The problem is, that you need to pay unless you manage to gain a shitload of credits to buy playtime...


superfly2000 #3 Posted 02 March 2014 - 08:15 AM


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Yeah....its about 15 euro per month....so its not exactly cheap....


My goal is not to play so much that I get it for free...

UrQuan #4 Posted 02 March 2014 - 12:19 PM

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I'm aware of EvE's subscription model. But imo, it's one of the few games that does it right. All expansions are free (never need to buy m! Ever!) Also, compared to others, the subscription fee is about equal to it's competition. That said, I run a yearly subscription, which comes down to 11 euro's a month.

That said, Eve is not a game for everyone, it's an MMO where you have to set goals for yourself, the game won't do it for you. This is both it's greatest attraction and biggest letdown for people, depending on what you're after in a game.


On the game itself, it does have a hardcore image, but alot of effort has gone into making it appeal to more casual gamers as well that seek an enriching game-experience. A recent addition to this is Exploration, fit out a small ship, and scan stuff in space to loot or fight. I do it often when I only have little time to play.


Do keep in mind, EvE is a 'true MMO'. What does this mean? It means the more people you know ingame, the more fun & easy it is to play. The eve community is actually very helpful, on two conditions:

- be willing to learn (don't be a jerk if you don't understand something or think something's too hard): alot of folks gladly help you, or give tips to make a seemingly hard endeavour a cakewalk.

- Don't take killing personal: Pvp plays a large aspect in EvE, and if you die, don't go & insult your killer, rather stay polite and ask him how he did it, many don't mind sharing how they caught you & hand out tips to make you harder to catch


In short: your attitude in playing eve has consequences, both good & bad.


For people who like to contact me ingame, look for Jandice Ymladris

I'm a long time player, done alot in my course of play & still enjoy it. Also, if you got questions about EvE, ask away

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