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R I noobz?

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Krogenator #1 Posted 02 March 2014 - 02:31 PM

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OK so I had a game where I was fairly angry at the end and I wonder what I did wrong.

Replay of the game.


Now I am wondering if I should not have gone up the hill after all as it was only me and a IS-3 going up and I also wonder if my statements(except for the 3x tier10 and being all alone) against the Foch 155.Did he lose us the game by telling people not to go hill or was it a lost game no matter what I did?

Or should I be blaming my team for listening to him...if they even did.


Anyways I would love feedback and tips...And yea I kinda forgot about the JgPzE100 when I tracked the M103 in a attempt to stop it from shooting me....I know I should have been ready to angle the JgPzE100 but by the time I remember he was there I was locked down by the M103 and the IS-7.

exterminator996 #2 Posted 02 March 2014 - 04:05 PM


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Well from my point of view you could blame foch guy and people who listened to him(if they even did). It's a fact that lemmingtrain on the hill is bad but it is key sector so at least another tier 10 should have went there. And you really fought like a spartan up there so i think you are not to blame. Better luck next time:justwait:

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