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Desyatnik_Pansy #137781 Posted Today, 09:26 PM


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View PostSiliconSidewinder, on 19 April 2018 - 09:18 PM, said:

playing hardcore for these last days, is giving me a headache... a man got to work too :izmena:

then again I am almost playing as good as in the old days so maybe not so bad :B.


I was going for the grind of the Progetto but on the fourth day I literally hit a point where I had to stop playing because of the headache I was getting. Since then I only played a small amount yesterday before just throwing money at it so I didn't have to keep grinding.


I like to think I was playing quite well, and while some days were particularly bad like only getting 18k on Sunday, I was still performing quite well and my average XP On the T29 Actually rose up to 968 From something like 881 IIRC. But even then, grinding like that is just pretty insane. :sceptic:

SiliconSidewinder #137782 Posted Today, 09:36 PM

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Well I am surprised how far I have gotten already.

I am at 115k xp at the moment. Might go to VIII possibly IX and then buy it for cheap.


Nishi_Kinuyo #137783 Posted Today, 09:54 PM

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Did some hard grinding on in my tier 8 ships tonight to get the two mission sequences for those emblems in WoWS done.



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