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AMR 35

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The AMR 35 (Automitrailleuse de Reconnaissance Renault Modèle 35) was a french light tank that was developed by Renault as an infantry support vehicle.It was first designed in 1935.The AMR light was a fast tank which forced Renault re-design the suspension that was latter used by Renault R35. AMR 35 was still unreliable, however, because of the stress caused by the high speed. For this reason, the AMR 35 was cancelled in 1938, after 167 vehicles had been build.There where more variants of this tank like:
-AMR 35 à mitrailleuse 13,2
Armed with the 13,2 mm Hotchkiss machine gun
ZT 2
Armed with the 25 mm SARF
ZT 3
Tank destroyer version, with a 25 mm SARF mounted in the hull
ZT 4
Tropical version, for colonial use
Platoon-level command version
Renault YS
Staff vehicle
Renault YS 2
Artillery observation vehicle

During the German invasion, most of the AMR 35s were used by the French army, as the cavalry preferred the Hotchkiss H35. Both the 7.5 and 13.2 mm machine guns were insufficient to defeat Germany's tanks and armored cars, and most were eventually lost due to breakdowns. The Germans captured a number of AMR 35s, which were primarily used for policing duties in France.

Technical Details:

ZT         ZT à mitrailleuse 13,2            ZT 2
-Crew (total) 2
-Weight 6.5 t                           -7.1 t
-Length 3.84 m
-Width 1.76 m
-Height 1.88 m
-Armour (max) 13 mm
-Speed (max) 55 km/h
-Engine Renault 432 22 CV
-Main weapon 7,5 mm Reibel (1) 13.2 mm Hotchkiss Modèle 1930 (1) 25 mm SARF (1)

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