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You think that this match maker would work better than the one thats currently being used?

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SP4CEGAM3RHD #1 Posted 09 April 2014 - 05:00 PM


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I have  watched the "Game Mechanics- Matchmaker" video that they uploaded on youtube.
I was stunned that they dont take players skill into effect!
I do know that it is a "Random Battle" and it is. But it shouldnt be unfair.
Every single player doesnt need to be on the same skill level, just have an allround almost equal personal rating combined.
Each team has 2 players just to make this an easy illustration
Friendly team:                                  Enemy team:
player 1: Personal rating 6000            player 1: personal rating 7000
Player 2: Personal rating 5000           player 2: personal rating 4000.
Then just simply add every single players personal rating, and divide it by the number of players (2) on each team.
Friendly team has a totaly of 11000 personal rating combined, now divide it by the number of players (2), Wich is 5500
Enemy team has a total of 11000 personal rating, because the match maker had a look at the players in que , and found an pretty much equal team.
Divide 11000 by the number of players (2) wich is allso 5500.
An easy, simple and fast way to generate to teams of equal skill level overall.
Ofcourse some teams dont have 15 players with 5000 personal rating . but as long as the outcome of the combined personal rating divided on the number of all players on the team is less than 1000 as a gap between each team, i would say that the match maker has generated a fair battle.

You like my idea, or do you like the current match maker?

Let me know!

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Andreas2202 #2 Posted 09 April 2014 - 08:14 PM


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Would be a bit hard as the MM would take longer and you've got great players and crap players. Also, having smiliar stats won't mean having a fair battle.

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