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Outcast, one of the best action-adventure games returns!

Outcast Kickstarter reboot action-adventure

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Balnazzard #1 Posted 11 April 2014 - 05:15 PM


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But it needs your help!

One of the best, but also forgotten/overlooked action-adventure games of all time, Outcast is at brink of resurrection. This fantastic game was originally released in 1999 for PC  and was praised by the critics (GameSpot even awarded it with Adventure Game of the Year), but for one reason or another  the game didnt sell very well, thus the developer Appeal went bankrupt and the sequel Outcast 2 was cancelled. One interesting feature about Outcast (and possibly one reason why it got ignored by so many) that it was one of the last games to use voxel-graphics, so basicly this meant that you didnt need 3D-graphics cards to run the game, and it was kinda of bizarre game in that sense that in time when 3D-graphics and 3D-cards were becoming more and more popular, Outcast went different way to create its beatiful gameworld



Now the original team who created the game got the rights to Outcast back from Atari and they are now going to bring the game back to modern-age, with entirely new graphics/physics engine, improved gameplay etc. However Outcast is a massive game and they need to rebuiled everything from scratch, thus they need funding from us, the gamer community. Like said, Outcast was overlooked by many and it isnt very well known, thus its most likely that the project is not going achieve its $600 000 funding from us old Outcasts fans alone. It has gotten great start with $126 000 in 3 days, but it needs to find younger generation of people who would be willing to support this project.



For me, personally Outcast is one of the best games of all time, one of the few I would give 10/10. It had great storyline, great voiceacting/dialogue, amazing, movie-quality orchestral soundtrack and for its time back in 1999 also amazing visuals and large, open gameworlds. Thus is was extremely bitter to see it overlooked by gamers back then and For me the possible resurrection of Outcast after 15 years since it launch is like dream come true, but it requires the help from us, the gamers. So if you like great action-adventure games, please help bringing Outcast to modern age! Lets make it happen! =)


To help this game search Outcast Reboot HD on Kickstarer page, the game has its own page also on Steam Greenlight (would posts links here, but not sure if they are allowed on this forum)

Here is some gameplay from the original Outcast, and prototype version of the reboot currently in development:





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