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Explanation for ELC Elimination Please!

lag KV-1S ELC AMX Death hax why?

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TheMr42 #1 Posted 17 April 2014 - 09:48 PM


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So I'm having a Tier 8 game on Redshire in my adorable little ELC, got shot by a Hellcat near the start so ran the rest of the game on 173(?) health. Humiliated some poor IS, Tiger I and KV-1S drivers, standard ELC stuff. And then at the end of the game (We'd already lost btw) I ran into another KV-1S. And I died. And I was confused by this because the shot not only missed me but my tank exploded before it hit me!

shot_073.jpg This was when he fired. You can see the tracer of the round, I wasn't worried I was nearly in cover...

shot_074.jpg When suddenly my tank goes up in flames! But you can still see the tracer of the round, it's miles away!

shot_055.jpg And to top it all of the round then misses the wreck of my tank! It shouldn't have hit me anyway!


Anyone who can explain this to me? 


As I said, we'd already lost the game. I simply wanted to try to reset to allow our remaining two tanks to get a few more cap points so I'm not mad about losing, just the blaggy crap that ended my run.

Woody1999 #2 Posted 17 April 2014 - 11:51 PM

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The velocities of the guns in the game are far too high to be able to see the tracers, so even though the server sees the "shell" moving at proper velocity, the client makes a fake tracer a bit slower than the actual speed just for a bit of eye candy.


I've been shooting at tanks at range and hitting them before my tracer hits them, you ever noticed that?



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