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Special: Outnumbered but not Outgunned

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View Post22cm, on 31 May 2014 - 05:52 AM, said:

It was a secret alliance. They shared Poland between them, attacking from 2 sides. Also URSS used this alliance to take the Baltic states and part of Romania.


It really wasn't an alliance, it was a non-aggression pact, desired by both parties to delay a war that both knew was inevitable but that neither side felt prepared for yet. 


The Germans wanted the pact because of their fundamental strategic problem - Germany was created 1850's / 60's, to the great objection and fear of their neighbours France & Russia, who ended up best buddies, so if the newly unified Germany tried to go to war with either they'd immediately be at war with both, on 2 opposite flanks and beatable (hence WW1). Germany intended to use the pact to avoid what had happened in WW1, so they could knock France and Britain out by only having to fight on that Western flank, before then attacking Russia and again only having to fight on that one Eastern flank. It all went wrong for the Germans because Hitler was a nutter, who thought by beating France and driving the British off the continent, that he'd secured his Western flank by end 1940 and assumed Germany could beat Russia within 6 months, knock out Britain's last potential continental ally, and so force Britain to come to terms. And Hitler was forced into his stupid decision to attack Russia while Britain was still in the War (and so sooner than the original plan dictated) because his economic policies were so ruinous and unsustainable, that to keep going Germany needed to keep conquering countries so they could steal their assets. And it also went wrong, because Germany could have beaten Russia in 6 months in 1941, but to do that they needed to invade Russia in March, to give themselves 6 months of spring & summer blitzkrieg before the campaign stopping Russian autumn and winter came. Their March 1941 invasion of Russia was delayed though, because Britain occupied Greece, creating a new continental flank that was a serious threat to Germany, and by the time they'd secured that to be able to invade Russia, it was June 1941 and they didn't have enough time to finish the job.


And Russia - they were reasonably friendly with post WW1 Germany until the Nazi's came to power in 33, after that the friendship was a knowing lie on both parts. Stalin had read (or been advised of the content) of Mein Kampf, therefore knew Hitler's ideological intent was to invade Russia, and as a consequence Stalin made Soviet party speeches from mid 1930's stating that another War in the West was going to happen, but he guaranteed that it wouldn't be fought on Russian soil (or in other words he'd declared his intention to invade Germany). It all went wrong for the Russians because Stalin never dreamed Germany would knock France out of the War so fast, he assumed it would be another protracted static trench war like WW1 that would take years for Germany to conclude and would allow the Soviets time to prepare. And then when France did get knocked out of the War quickly, Stalin still thought he had years left to prepare because he never imagined Hitler would be so stupid as to attack Russia while Britain was still going, and he knew it would take years (if it was even possible at all) for the Germans to knock the British Empire out of the War.


It was simply not possible for Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia to co-exist peacefully. The Soviets probably could have, at least for a long time, Stalin had no interest in spreading the Communist revolution beyond the Soviet Union (that's Trotskyism, not Stalinism), Stalin just wanted to consolidate and modernise what the Soviets already had, and all his foreign aggression / slyness was about securing the Soviet Unions borders. But Hitler / the Nazi's, no chance, their entire thinking was based on the notion that they needed to conquer at least Western Russia (west of the Volga) to create agricultural & living space necessary for their 1,000 year Reich. Yes, the Germans and Russian's divided Poland and the Baltic states, but it wasn't so they could co-exist peacefully, Germany did it to get advantageous start points to a future invasion of Russia (and to secure Romania's oil supply that they needed in order to wage that war) and Russia played along, cuz it was getting border securing territory for free and because it was keeping the Germans temporarily satisfied and so strung out how long Russia had to prepare.

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And unlocked IS3 and bought it 30% off great events I did have luck unlocking specific tanks at the right moments I got a lot of heavy tanks discounted that way like the Tigers I have.  

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