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----Proposed new medals - Broken Matchmaker----

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2alertred #161 Posted 17 June 2012 - 02:09 PM


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The lemming award

Do a lemming train with atleast 10 players in your team and follow them to the doom.

DrSmile #162 Posted 23 June 2012 - 06:52 AM

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Destroy 7+ Tanks in CW

Oneshot an enemy Tank which is not spottet yet

Win a round 15:0

Loose a round 15:0

for camping 5m next to your friendly arty as "bodyguard"

for typing "noobs/noob team" in the chat 2 seconds after you died in the 1. Min

5th Wheel on the Car
for standing as close as possible with your toptank (has to be +3 tier above your tank) the hole round, dealing no damage, take no damage, and circle him atleast 2times without contact. The toptank and you must survive the round.

Shoot atleast 4 enemy arties with your arty in a single round

Survive atleast 10hits in your tank with less then 10% hp

for unlocking all tanks ingame without using a premiumaccount or free xp

play 1000battles with amx40

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RustyOne #163 Posted 23 June 2012 - 08:02 AM


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Here there are my suggestions:

Proud moron
Claim about nooby players after you died a senseless death in a battle where everyone has a higher win rate than you.

This is worthy
Awarded for driving straight into enemy position to kill an almost dead enemy and die yourself before you can do so.

Rolling bullseye
Drive over open field with not more than 30 Km/h to get in better position to shoot the enemy which is already aiming on you and die within 5 seconds.

Fuel is expensive!
Camp in base when being top tank to protect tier III arty till at least 66% of your allies died and loose the game. Can only be earned with Löwe or KV-5.

PanStraszliwegoPomoru #164 Posted 17 July 2012 - 09:42 PM

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Name (type of award)
What you need to do to get it
In-game description

FTality! (badge)
Kill at least 100 Renault FT and it's derivatives (FT AC, BS). Death to wine carriers!
You win. Fatality!

Unknown Russian Medal (medal)
Kill an enemy at least 4 tiers higher using MS-1 or SU18. Take advantage of superior Soviet technology!
Unknown Russian from Unknown Squad destroyed 3 Tigers, 7 Panthers and 19 other tanks using only Molotov cocktail and PTRS-41 AT rifle, then he shoot down 4 enemy planes with this rifle. When he ran out of ammo he rammed an armored car and survived. This is absolute truth! Comrade Stalin says so!

That Notre Dame guy (badge)
Fire at least 30 shots that bounce in one game from low tier (1-4) French tanks. EXCEPTION! ARL 44 also works. Autocannon shots don't count for this medal - they don't make clear sound.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Dong! You are the real virtuoso of the bells. You can even use enemy tanks to play Mozart symphony.

Harry Houdini's Medal (medal)
Survive at least 5 shots from Tier 10 Guns in single match without taking any damage when driving any Russian heavy tank. Module damage is still a damage. Track damage isn't.
Harry Houdini was one of the greatest magicians of all times. He could make even large things disappear completly. His spirit still lives in many Russian tank drivers an allows them to remove the damage potential of enemy bullets fired at their tank. Don't ask us why. It's a kind of magic!

Marathon (battle hero medal)
Issued to the player who covered the distance of 10 kilometres in a single match. If more than one player did this, the player who has driven the most distance gets this medal. If two players covered the same distance, noone gets this medal (pretty impossible since every meter counts)
Congratulations! You were first on the finish! Eeeemm... wait. You are in a tank battle. You are supposed to fight other tanks not enjoy the speed. Hope this was the last time.

Paper Shredder (badge)
Kill at least 1000 of following tanks: AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, BatChatillon 25t, AMX M4, AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50B, M7 Medium, T49, M18.
Good job! Now every office wants you. You've shown that pesky little bastards that speed isn't everything - armor also counts.

Proffessor of ballistics (badge)
Oneshot a full health T-50-2 in full speed without any misses before. Ammo rack explosions are counted as one shot kills. If T-50-2 burns to death after your shot without being hit by anyone else, you also get this medal.
That was awesome. See you in NASA tomorrow.

A-20 mastery class IV,III,II,I
Get killed as a first tank in the match up to 2 minutes from the beginning. Class IV - 5 times. Class III - 25 times. Class II - 125 times. Class I - 625 times. Getting A-20 mastery class I on A-20 tank allows you to mount a 100 mm D10T on it with T43 characteristics just as a compensation for your patience.
Start fast, die fast. That's what Russian tanks should do the best. For the motherland!

Apocalypse (badge)
Kill an enemy that is at least two times faster than you after receiving at least 10 shots from him without taking any damage. AMX 40 effective speed is 25 km/h for the needs of this medal.
It comes slowly but there is no way to avoid it!!! Meet your final destination!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

Lavrentiy Beria Medal (medal)
Kill at least 3 teammates that are retreating facing the enemy in a single match. You get no punishment for teamkilling in the match you got this medal (your victims do, however, get refunds from nowhere).
Lavrentiy Beria was the chef of Soviet NKVD during World War II and his task was to make sure that no rotten traitors and cowardly desertes wold defile the Holy and Great Red Army. You've took an example of this Great Hero of the Sovied Union and the Friend of Laboring People. Very well, keep on.

Georgy Zhukov Madal (medal)
Be the only survivor after leading a lemming train briliant and surprising assault on enemy positions (commenced by you) that resulted in losing at least 10 teammates and no enemy killed. Lets face it - you just flew at the first sight of the enemy leaving your fellows for a certain death. Then insult them and say that they lost beacuse "they were not brave enough". Accessible only in assault mode as DEFENDING side.
Georgy Zhukov was a General of the Soviet Union awarded many small pieces of metal. What is more important, he tried to repel attacking Nazis by sending many waves of pointless counterattacks that allowed Germans to come close to Moscow. But who cares, he conquered Berlin. Fighting against poorly trained Volkssturm. Using tanks in city. And losing lots of them. Hooray!

yeeha532 #165 Posted 26 July 2012 - 09:16 PM


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So So funny, well done all.

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