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Batchat 25t is unbalanced

batchat unbalanced crap

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Colander #61 Posted 15 February 2015 - 10:39 PM

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M-84 (improved T-72), shoots about 8 rounds/min of two piece 125mm ammunition.

Well trained M1 or Leopard2 human loader loads the gun in 4-5 seconds.

Also, Soviet automate is of a limited capacity after which the nominal ROF drops, while human loader in Leopard2 of M1 can load as long as his back doesn't break.

Even Leopard1 (the same one we got in game) has a nominal Bundeswehr ROF of 10 r/min, which is faster than even 80s soviet autoloader, so one can only guess what would the ROF being on an Is7 with a single piece ammo of a higher caliber.

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armholeeio #62 Posted 15 February 2015 - 11:52 PM

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I believe IS series vehicles were a two peice ammo affair while at the time german and allied used a single shell for the main ammo. majority of vehicles MBT wise  now use two peice ammo, this  saves on space as you only carry a set amount of charge bags and a selection of warheads ie HE, APCR. Yeah spot on with your assessment of russian auto loaders, q big weakness of is7 and the t10(is10) was it could fire of 5 rounds quickly in its break through punch big holes in the line but then the auto loader had to be restocked. That was one of the reasons why NATO didn't go with auto loaders also it's not squadie proof

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