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World of Tanks Ping problem

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Laponac #1 Posted 21 July 2014 - 07:34 AM


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So its not that big of a problem. But extremly annoying.


My max internet download speed is around 900 kbps. Average 700 kbps. 


400 kpbs is enough speed to load 720p video on youtube without buffering. But for example i want to play some good playlist on youtube on 360p (only music). And i want to play wot while listening to youtube, i figure out that 700 kbps is enough to do that, cause wot can be played with 100 kbps download speed without problems (tried it), and ofc i start game - ping over 300, laggy, buggy, terrible. Why? Why cant i play youtube and play wot with 700-900 kbps download speed? 


Or even worst thing. I cant play wot at all if someone is connected to my WIFI. For example. Yesterday friend was uploading some photos on his laptop, and it drained all my download speed so ping was 999. Either i am too stupid to understand how internet usage is being deployed, what is its priority (WIFI or PC that router is connected to). Or there is some serious crap happening in my router.

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pomaranc747 #2 Posted 21 July 2014 - 10:44 AM


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Well when you connect second PC to internet it reduces its speed drastically (from 50 ms to 100ms for me) also it depends on router you are using, when I was using the piece of c**p that telecom gave me and I tried to have browser and game opened at one it started dying so which router are you using?

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