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Chaffee Update 9.3

M24 Chaffee 9.3

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spuriousmonkey #101 Posted 07 October 2014 - 10:07 AM

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After some time of playing the new chaffee I must say it is my new favourite tank.


I like it a lot more than the old chaffee.


The new MM makes your life a lot easier. The gun got worse, but you don't meet tier 10s any more. Often only tier 6 and 7 tanks. The speed and mobility make the new chaffee an incredible fun tank compared to the old one.


I love the new chaffee!



ASPmac #102 Posted 20 December 2014 - 06:47 PM


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its best tier 5 light tank , at tier 8 and 9 elc is beter (only with 3 perk crew like i have)  cos 170 pen and u can pen is 3  or e50 lower plate etc, 

BUT  on tiers 6 7 havie is better i get 6 tiers most time in havie and 100 pen is inaf for them accuracy is insane on havie on this tiers, in elc before u can do somethink your team is dead , in havie u can cary game,  becaouse dpm is soo much better. elc have only beter camo and mobility when havie have beter max sped and hi have turet so hi can dog figtht any havey and many meds tier6 .7 elc cant cos hi have to turn hull 2 shot , 

hevie is op right now cos god players go to also op t37    , if u standing at havie u have 6 sience and MK1 what make u OP hull down fighter u can show turret and shot immidiatly,  also 390 viev range + binacoular make u spot guys at 430 - 400 range  when u are spoted at 370 - 380 WHEN SHOTING

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