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Sad day


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Kryzo #1 Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:10 PM


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Hi all


I just reinstalled WoT after being away from it for about two years. First time i stoped playing was because of the failed economic system in the game, i remember that i could not play on my favorit tanks as i would run low on credits or could just not repair my tank for the same reason.... Then a few days ago i could read an article where the makers of WoT proclaimed whey would remove all p2w parts in the game so i was happy and was thinking that the game was worth playing again.... BUT only 2-3 matches in i could see that the same issue with overpriced repairs and ammo is still a problem. As i can see it only gives me 3 options to play this game in tier 8+.

1. Grind with a lower tier tank

2. Pay for upgrade of account

3. Pay for premium tank...


But why should i be forced to play on a tank i dont like... whats the point of using time on getting a higher tier if i only can play 5 matches and then need to grind for 20 more before i can affort it.

And why should i use money on thinks that dont last or on tanks i dont wonna play... the makers of the game want it to be a F2P game but i would say they have failed... My idea of a F2P game is where I get to choose if i want to use real cash and not getting indirectly forced by the makers of the game. I remember when i began playing the game for some years ago i could read that this game and LoL would be the to biggest F2P games in the world, and at some point WoT had alot more users then LoL but when u reach that Tier 8 it completly turns into P2W, which is sadly not a good thing. Would have whised they had the same balls as Riot and only took money for the cosmetic part of the game... and in the long run i really dont see how this game can survive in the competition for gamers. 



WoT have about 1.2mio gamers each day

LoL have 12mio.... , much has happend in just a few years

Wot is nr 12 on the most played-online-games this year... and that is sad thinking about the potential it had.


Was really looking forward to paying this again and hope that the makers of WoT will have more convidence in the gamers and not only in the whales that make it run right now.


Sorry for my english

lord_chipmonk #2 Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:28 PM

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WG have an economic model in order to help the company make money and (yes, I am going there) allow their employees to eat. Do I begrudge them this? No. We could of course argue about the details of how they should make their money, but I imagine prem account is the big one and so they will inevitably encourage this. 


So, a couple of points.


1) Are you honestly saying there is no tank lower than tier 8 that you enjoy and could grind some credits on? Seriously? Have you tried them?

2) Your English is fine. 

3) One way to more consistently earn money is to improve your game (obviously). Now I don't know if you've made a second account or something, but if I had only 1.5k battles, I wouldn't try to play tier 8+ all the time. I went through a stage of grinding out my Pershing and I didn't have problems making a profit (albeit not huge) and I am not a unicum or something, just a fairly regular green(ish) 53% wr player.  

4) Why do you begrudge WG some of your money? I play this game as mostly FTP, but I have some premium tanks. I don't begrudge WG the money as they have made a product that I very much enjoy and have spent many hours playing. I think by now they deserve some of my cash and have no problem helping to support the game every now and then.

5) Can you suggest an alternative economic model that would make them money? I sure that they exist, but can you suggest one that would satisfy you? 

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Kryzo #3 Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:57 PM


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tnx for the reply


My point is more that the potential of the game which was HUGE from the begining has ended up being a game that cant even make top 10 on a list of most played Online games... And why should i not have the possibility to play the same tank over and over again...

Regarding the money part thats easy and many examples can be found on that same list. 

The biggest issue for me is that i cant make enogh credits and thats only because of the prices for repairs... how about lowering the prices that would solve alot. They should not remove the premium accounts or premium tanks, the problem is that the premium stuff is a MUST if u want to play with higher tier tanks. I cant use my tier9 TD. Repairs are about 17k... about 5-10 rounds is 5-10k... and without a premium tank or account its hard to make more then 25-30k for a win... the math tells it all... u can maybe make 5-10k plus one round but the secound i lose 10-15... And i have the same winratio like u. They can also make a lot of money on all the cosmetic parts of the game. They already make it possible to buy camo and other things that makes the tank look different, and maybe that should be the focus area. And making money on this is not a new thing, Riot who made LoL earned almost 4Billion$ in 2013(lots of food for that) just by doing this and remember that WoT was once bigger... Who would not love to buy a skin for a tank they love to play or make different colouring of the tankparts... thats only the begining. Lots of possibilities are out there to make this a completly F2P or pay but that should be by my choice.

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soolerman #4 Posted 18 August 2014 - 06:46 PM

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First off there is nothing wrong with your English mate.


Secondly try doing what a lot do and find a good money maker at tier 5 or so and just make credits that way.


Lastly. wg WoT is a game. We get the game to play for free and wg get all the cost of developing the thing and running it. So what is in it for wg? Simple there are the add ons' players can get to make the grinds of the game go faster. And for this you have to pay.


So what is your problem if the game is set up to gently push you towards spending money?

Shaka_D #5 Posted 22 August 2014 - 07:44 AM


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View Postlord_chipmonk, on 14 August 2014 - 05:28 PM, said:

WG have an economic model in order to help the company make money and (yes, I am going there) allow their employees to eat caviar, drive ferrari's, live in mansions, make massive profits at the expense of the players sanity, and generally make more money than they really need to. Do I begrudge them this? No. We could of course argue about the details of how they should make their money, but I imagine prem account is the big one and so they will inevitably encourage this.

There fixed it for you, you were missing some vital information.

Turboslav #6 Posted 23 August 2014 - 12:19 PM


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People still complain about the F2P, P2W?


Ok, here's a solution in just a few simple steps:


1. Uninstall

2. ???

3. Profit!

Also tagged with p2w

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