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lag makes the game unplayable...

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maxim131 #1 Posted 16 August 2014 - 04:05 PM

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so first of all let me explain, i have good PC, i run all graphics at maximum, FPS was 30-40 on maximum graphics. wich is pretty fine.


so about the lag im talking about is the ping. my ping always keep jumping always to 999, makes the tank uncontrolable, enemy/ally tanks teleporting like crazy... i was in my tank IS, fighting a TD with 500 HP left, he hide in other side of the wall, i wait for him that he will come to my aim marker, so i can shoot him, acidentaly he dissappear, in a few seconds he acidentaly appears shooting in my sides taking realy lots of HP away from me, lucky that some mediums came to help me in the situation, my last shot killed that enemy TD.


so let me explain the story:


i had old modem, supports only up to 10 megabytes, Provider give me 15 megabytes of internet, but due to 10 megabytes limit, i only get 10 megabytes of internet, and the game run prety fine, no lags, no 999 ping jumps, no teleporting tanks like i said above. my ping is always stationary at 90-100, and the game run pertty fine wichout problems.


and now i got this new STRONK modem :trollface:, wich supports up to whole 100 megabytes of internet (wich suppose to be stronger that the older modem about x10 times, right?), the provider decided to give 40 megabytes of internet, and now thw results: lag, massive 999 ping jumps, magical teleporting tanks, Uncontrolable controls.


Sure massive ping jumps not only happens on W.o.T, but i getting lags, ping jumps wich reaches like 1000+ ping, in other mutiplayer games aswell.


so please help, why do i get alot more lag after switch to a new stronger modem? if i get whole 40 megabytes of internet from the provider, arent my internet suppose to x4 faster? that means x4 LESS lags, (wich i almost never got lags in my older modem), but upgrading the internet make my internet even WORSE!!! i fell like an internet DEGRADE than UPGRADE.


i enjoy play W.o.T, but i cant play because of the LAGGG. and as you know, not only W.o.T, but also other multiplayer games.


sorry for bad english.

and please, no trolling, i need serious answers...

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Ostersund_Swe #2 Posted 16 August 2014 - 04:21 PM


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You can google the problem..i did when i had lot of probs with lag,found some good answers that was usefull...so now i hardly have any lag at all,some spikes can show up, Couldnt play for some time because of that,but now im fine most of the time.

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