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DARPA invent the new premium light tank line

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Moulie #1 Posted 20 August 2014 - 04:49 PM

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If tanks had looked like this in the history books I doubt they would have the attraction for gaming that they do today!

Bikad #2 Posted 24 August 2014 - 02:30 PM


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But you would not know any better and you would consider tracks as not attractive. Let me give you an example:


I like the appearence of the KV-2 a lot (looks powerful). 

A friend of mine is not really intrested in (world of -) tanks. So he does not know anywhere near as much as I do about tanks.

Therefore he things the KV-2 is a ugly box with another box on top of it with a gun that is much too short.


Now fact is that the KV-2 is not unpopular for some other players aswell.

Perhaps because of my reasons.

But also because it was historical and people know how deadly it is ingame.



Now imagine in the past those "wheeled tanks" would have dominated and only some (a few) of our known tanks (especially the popular ones) ingame would have excisted or not because they were prototypes and todays-WG-inventions  (yeah I'm talking about pototype shermans/pattons; non excistent Pzkpfw. IVs; let's turn armored cars into heavy tanks :blinky: ).

So what is the most popular tank.... let me take the E-75 for instance: this is now an armored car with the same effectiveness as the same tanks before. And poeple love it (still popular) because it does what it does. And poeple think that it is badass because it does what it does.

And also because it does it better in some aspects than other armored cars.


Aaaand now imagine this "crappy unhistorical blueprint crapof a KV-2" would be introduced. ...


My point is that in the most cases people don't like what is logical but what is what they have learned. (I apologize if that insults somebody.)



I hope this was helpful and not as confusing as I fear it to be. I also welcome correction of my formulations (as I think that it is always possible that I don't make sense,... at all.. sometimes...perhaps).

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