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WGLEU stream feedback

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Ghesthar #1 Posted 01 September 2014 - 12:38 PM


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Hi -


I watched (almost) all of the WGLEU stream, as I watched most of the Grand Finals earlier this year. I watched these for the content, not to chase after a few hundred gold or beg for a type 59. From the last weekend, here are my comments : 


1 - 'interactive' giveaways like 'betting' on the match outcomes are nice, but we need a bit more information going in. It was not made clear how things would be scored (e.g is a draw no points or 1 each), making it a bit more difficult, and really, we go into things blind - there isn't the same level of information about team past meetings or similar, and the in-season matches don't seem very easy to keep up with (unless i'm not looking in the right place), so the guesses are simply blind guesses until the later rounds. It would be nice to feel like we were making more educated guesses rather than complete stabs in the dark.


2 - Noninteractive giveaways and bribe giveaways are cancerous. At some point, m3lly said 'if 10000 people are in the stream we'll do another type 59 giveaway', which caused a few thousand people to join the stream, spam for gold/codes/type, and then leave when it was clear they weren't going to get anything. This makes the chat unusable (600s between messages..), which really detracts from the enjoyment. I get that you guys want to be able to brag about viewership numbers, but this sort of thing makes me not want to watch in the future.


3 - Draw-based matches. These are really boring to watch. I don't really have a solution, but for this to be consistently interesting to watch, the 'tactical draw' needs to be reduced in frequency quite substantially - I don't think there was a single match without one or more of the games being drawn because the teams just didn't want to engage on that map. The last living tank playing for a draw can be interesting to watch and makes for some good moments, but two full teams being unwilling to engage is ridiculous. Probably bad ideas, but possible solutions would be making whichever team is ahead the nominal aggressor, forcing them to attack to keep their lead, or some sort of boxing-like judge scoring so that a draw is a split decision decided by the engagements that happen. These are bad because they are subjective or arbitrary, but they would still make it much more watchable.


4 - Advertising. The most cringeworthy thing for me was the commentator's regular use of 'razor powered' to mean 'good'. I get that they are a major sponsor, but it is really hard to take people seriously when they force things like this in. Further, regularly repeating your game trailer during gaps was a bit crap. I understand that you want new players to be drawn in, but this hardly seems like something non-players would be watching, and if they were, i think they would be too turned off by the constant no action draws to be won back over by a trailer.


In general, though, the content is good - you have good commentary teams, and having people like Carmen on there is interesting. So while you need to work on bribing people to watch, the draw-focused format, and the non-match 'filler' content quality, it was still relatively enjoyable, and felt like a step forward from the WGL grand finals earlier.

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